Are Xtend Life Skin Care Reviews Good Enough?

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Xtend life skin care reviews are quite positive from people with dry or normal as well as aging skin. Still, although there were a few people stating that they didn’t see any negative effects with their acne prone skin, others found that some of these products didn’t suit their acne prone skin well.

So, let’s see the strong points of Xtend Life skincare, its range of various skincare products, users reviews and its pros and cons based on people’s comments as well as my personal research and evaluation.

What Is Xtend Life All About?

The story of Xtend Life starts with a man’s personal goal to achieve a lot more years of healthy leaving and this Warren Matthews managed to achieve by developing a popular among users range of natural supplements for various health purposes including skin health.

So, that is how Xtend Life from New Zealand was created to offer optimal health away from prescription medicine. After some years, Xtend Life skin care was also formed and according to the company’s claims it was created to help both women’s and men’s skin to deal successfully with various deteriorating skin factors such as aging away from harmful chemicals, allergens and fragrances.

What Does Xtend Life Range Of Skincare Products Consist Of?

According to Xtend Life, a skin care routine should consist of proper cleansing, day and night moisturizing, enhancing the eyes skin beauty, and boosting the skin’s collagen with the weekly use of moisturizing and cleansing masks.

The ingredients combined in this range of products promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make skin more elastic and firm giving it a healthy glow, reduce redness and blotches, minimize the effects of sun damaged skin and lots of others.

So, let’s see in detail some of their most popular items, their features and related user reviews:

Age Defying Day Cream

The Age Defying Day Cream contains ingredients that target all three main cause of aging, loss of elastin and collagen, minimizing of hyaluronic acid and free radicals damage.

Age Defying Day CreamA new breakthrough which was first formed by Xtend Life and used in their products is called Xtend-TK and contains bio active Keratin. In clinical trials, this component has shown to boost collagen’s and elastin’s regrowth as well as the creation of new skin cells.

That way, wrinkles and fine lines will start diminishing and a brighter complexion will be revealed.

Nano Lipobelle H EQ10 is a nano emulsion form of Q10 which can penetrate skin deep and work against those free radicals, giving an anti aging effect.

Apart from those, some other active ingredients used in their formula are: natural vitamin E, phytessence wakame which is a sea kelp extract, Matacuja, Babassu, Crodamol OP and grapeseed oil.

As to Xtend Life Age Defying Day Cream Reviews, people seem quite pleased with how this cream has made their skin feel more elastic, firm, hydrated, bright and soft, improving its texture and revealing a younger looking complexion.

Few users also stated that it minimized their pores and helped with their Rosacea as well as sensitive skin while there were also some who said that this product caused some breakouts to appear.

After researching more on their general skincare product ingredients, I noticed that while generally there are a lot of active ingredients and antioxidants contained, in the case of oily or acne prone skin Beeswax can cause the blogging of the pores. Still, not all of the users who have an acne prone skin have reported that they experienced problems with this cream.

Check The Full Range Of Xtend Life Skin Care For Men

Restorative Night Cream

The Restorative Night Cream apart from those anti aging components used also in the day cream, it contains some ingredients that I personally love such as New Zealand Active Manuka Honey, a wonderful natural skincare ingredient, which is great for moisturizing, nourishing as well as healing the skin.

It has anti bacterial and antioxidant properties which make it often found in quality skincare products.

Shea Butter is one more natural ingredient that has both moisturizing and healing properties. This makes it good for moisturizing, softening wrinkles and dealing with dry skin and even stretch marks.

Avocado extract is rich in vitamins A,B, D and E as well as other nutrients which nourish the skin, preventing wrinkles, increasing the complexion’s elasticity, minimizing spots and eliminating big pores.

Xtend Life night cream also contains other emolients especially chosen for night time use.

People like this product’s ingredients and find it to be a rich moisturizing cream which can be particularly good for dry types of skin.

Eye Contour Cream

Eye Contour Cream (previously named as serum) is a product which combines a number of clinically tested ingredients to reduce puffiness, dark circles as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It can also improve the texture of the under eye area, making it look more hydrated and smooth.

One of the main components included in this serum is Eyeliss, a patented skincare ingredient which combines three effective peptides.

According to clinical studies, 65% of the people experienced improvement with their puffiness while 62% saw a significant reduction in wrinkles around eyes.

Other anti aging active ingredients used in this serum are Beautifeye, Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10, Manuka Honey, Moringa Oil and others.

Eye Contour Cream reviews are quite positive as to its effectiveness with puffiness, and dark circles. A lot of the users have seen some results within the first days of use and awaited that those first positive results would be accumulated.

Also users with sensitive skin reported how suitable this product proved for their skin, causing no irritation or reaction.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Foaming Facial Cleanser gathers lots of very positive reviews from people saying how much refreshed and clean their complexion feels but without getting dry.

Two are the key ingredients which according to the company they will cleanse your skin while at the same time nourish, restore its pH balance and defend against wrinkles. These are Active Manuka Honey and Kiwi Fruit Extract.

Manuka Honey has great moisturizing as well as anti bacterial properties which help preventing and reducing break outs while at the same keeping your skin nourished.

Kiwi extract is a highly antioxidant ingredient which defends skin cells from those free radicals that can cause aging.

It is also able to keep moisture in the skin and restore the natural pH balance so successfully that probably no toner will be needed after cleansing.

It has a light fresh scent, deriving from the natural ingredients and is also effective at removing makeup as some users state.

The reviews for the foaming facial cleanser are very positive relating to how good people’s skin look when using this product. It works well with cleansing and revealing a brighter and smoother skin.


  • A lot of active natural ingredients to protect your skin from aging, nourish it and at certain points even heal it.
  • Detailed presentation of all the skincare products, providing information about clinical tests conducted, benefits, ingredients as well as use reviews.
  • Great customer service according to users.
  • People report a good match of quality and price.
  • There is a full range of skin care products for women as well as for men.
  • 1 Year full money back guarantee.


  • Some people don’t seem so pleased with the packaging of the creams. The product is contained in a squeeze tube which sometimes leaves some of the product leak out into the cap. Still Xtend Life has changed their bottles ever since, so the experience may have improved.
  • In some of their products there is not a full list of ingredients for the specific product but there is a full and detailed list of the ingredients used in their whole skin care range of products.


In conclusion, according to Xtend Life skincare reviews, there are a lot of people who have found a range of good skincare products to stick to. Still, not all products work the same for everyone but in this case you have the 1 Year full money back guarantee which can make you feel more comfortable with your purchase.