Why Does Your Skin Look Dull And Fatigued?

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If your skin has been looking dull lately and you are wondering why, here we will give you the most common reasons for dull skin as well as some effective ways to deal with it.

So, how should a healthy skin look? Two of the main characteristics of a healthy happy skin is a bright and clear appearance.

It means that the dead skin cells, which make the skin dull and cause breakouts, are removed, the moisture levels are sufficient and the micro-circulation is functioning properly.

Dull skin is the opposite of a glowing skin and there can be many reasons why the skin may appear dull and lifeless. Let´s have a look at five of them.

1) Environmental Pollution

It is no secret that living in big cities has a number of negative effects to the skin including dullness, premature aging as well as sensitization.

Researches also show that environmental pollution and solar radiation are responsible for the increasing skin sensitization as well as chronic skin inflammation, which is one of the main causes of premature skin aging.

The particulates of air pollutants that daily gather on the surface of the skin attack its protective barrier and weaken its defensive mechanisms, leading to the gradual disruption of the epidermal barrier. The result of this is a dull unhealthy looking skin.

What to Do

Cleanse your skin every night using a mild but effective cleanser that is the right one for your type of skin to unblock the pores and help your complexion rejuvenate and look fresh.

If your skin is dry, oily or sensitive avoid using cleansers that contain alcohol or chemical additives that rip the skin off its natural oils and cause dryness and dullness.

2) Dead Skin Cells on the Surface of the Skin

If you are wondering what is the thing that really makes glowing skin different to dull skin, the answer is the existence of dead skin cells.

Dead skin cells gather on the surface of the skin and are responsible for the complexion looking dull with an uneven texture. At younger age, these cells get removed on their own daily, letting new skin cells come to the top, and that is why our skin looks healthier and more glowing.

But as the years pass by, the above process becomes slower and this results to more dead skin cells gathering on the top layer of the skin, making it look dull and lifeless.

What to Do

Exfoliation is the main way to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal a rejuvenated, glowing skin. By removing dead skin cells and cleaning up pores, the active ingredients of your skin care products get absorbed better and therefore the effectiveness of these products increases.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that not all exfoliators are equally effective and beneficial for your skin, and some can be even harmful if they are too abrasive. Therefore, you need to find a good exfoliator that is not too harsh and especially if you have sensitive skin, you need to carefully choose your face exfoliator.

3) Skin Dehydration

When the skin lacks adequate moisture, it will look dull. Some of the factors that lead to skin dehydration are over exposure to the sun, environmental pollution, use of harsh facial cleansers and even biological aging.

These factors can negatively affect all types of skin and if nothing is done, dehydrated skin can turn into a permanent condition.

What to Do

Look for effective moisturizers that also contain emollients. Some ingredients that can naturally prevent loss of skin moisture and boost levels of hydration are squalane oil, jojoba oil, linoleic acid, hyaluronic acid and others.

4) Smoking

One of the negative aspects of smoking is the cause of premature skin aging and lack of glow in the skin.

The Nicotine that is contained in cigarettes cause the blood vessels to shrink and that makes the normal blood flow and the transfer of oxygen in our body difficult, which results in the nutrients never reaching the skin cells.

What to Do

Apart from the obvious solution which is either to stop or cut down smoking, you can enhance your daily skin care routine with products that contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, green tea, coenzyme Q10, glutathione and others. These antioxidants fight and get rid of the free radicals which are responsible for skin aging.

Another ingredient that activates cell renewal, offers some exfoliating benefits to the skin and makes it glow is Retinol. You can enjoy retinol’s power by using different products such as retinol serums or retinol creams.

5) Stress

Stress can negatively affect the appearance of the skin. You must have noticed yourself how relaxed and glowing your skin looks during those happy periods of your life and how fatigued and dull it seems when stress takes over for long periods.

What to Do

Some form of exercise which you enjoy can not only help you get rid of excessive stress but also boost your skin cells renewal process.

And if you want to give your cells an extra boost and get rid of dull skin, do not forget to regularly exfoliate using a product that contain AHA and BHA acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and others.

Home Remedies For Dull Skin

Honey face cleanser for dull skinWant a quick way to deal with dull skin at home? Here are some easy DIY home recipes:

Homemade Honey Face Cleanser

I swear..before trying out this recipe, I would have never thought that rubbing honey on my face would make my skin glow.

Honey has antimicrobial agents that can help with acne breakouts and clogged pores that make your skin look dull. It’s also an ideal natural DIY ingredient for skin healing including scars and wounds.

It adds moisture to the skin and as a rich source of antioxidants, it can prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Scoop out half a teaspoon of good quality raw honey and pour it into a small bowl.
  • Dampen your skin with a little warm water.
  • Remove a bit of honey from the bowl (enough so it doesn’t start falling)
  • Spread the honey onto your face and massage your skin the same way you are using a face cleanser
  • Leave the honey on for 5 minutes (optional)
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water – it´s very easy to remove

DIY Papaya Face Mask

Papaya is found in many skin exfoliating products. Why? It contains two enzymes that are said to decrease inflammation and therefore help minimize acne by getting rid of the dead skin cells that clog skin pores.

Papaya is one of the best home ingredients for exfoliation and it also has skin-lightening and smoothing properties.

Here’s how to create a homemade face mask for glowing skin:

  • Mash ¼ ripe papaya and mix it with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey
  • Apply onto clean face and let it on for 15 minutes
  • Remove using lukewarm water

All in all, there are different reasons why your skin may look dull and fatigued during certain periods of your life, and here we have presented some of the main ones. Also, keep in mind that the sooner you deal with a skin condition that you find negative the better!