6 Tips To Help You Choose An Effective Night Cream

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When I was in my 20’s, choosing a night cream was way off my plans. Actually, even choosing carefully a day cream according to my skin’s type or needs was a kind of luxury for me since I never used to have time to make a proper research on face creams or it was also because my skin didn’t seem to need anything special.

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Well..that was in my 20’s. In my 30’s, I started getting more conscious of what kind of skin care products I use since my skin proved to be sensitive and kind of fussy to certain products and ingredients which could cause redness and sometimes an  unpleasant feeling.

And then, the need for a night cream appeared and I knew that I had to look for certain things before I choose one that is really worthwhile. So, let me explain here what to look for if you want to buy a night cream.

What Is a Good Age to Start Using a Night Cream?

First, you are only going to use a night cream if your skin needs it. For most women and men the age of thirty and onwards is the most suitable age to start using one. For some other people, it is late 30’s. I think that on average after 34 is a good age to start using one.

Not All Night Creams Are Suitable for Every Type of Skin

It always depends on the skin issues one may be having. For example, if you have wrinkles and fine lines, you can look for a night cream that has a stronger anti aging effect, containing antioxidants that will boost its resistance to aging and fight the already existing wrinkles.

A good option can be Yalmeh Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer which is very positively reviewed by both women and men.

If you notice that your skin sags and is not so firm, you should look for firming ingredients. For that purpose, two natural oils are very effective which you can use before applying your night moisturizer. They are Argan Oil, Castor Oil as well as Pomegranate Oil.

If your skin is sensitive like mine, you should avoid products containing harsh ingredients and go for soothing, pure and healing ones.

For me, natural and organic ingredients are the ones that suit my skin best but obviously even with those, you have to look for the ones that sit better on your skin, calm and boost its natural balance.

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Also, remember to avoid alcohol based creams if your skin suffers from sensitive skin issues like eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis and others.

If your skin is oily, combination or dry, you should make sure that the cream you choose is not going to make your skin condition even worse but actually help you deal better with your skin’s specific needs.

In the case of an oily or combination skin, you would want a night cream that balances your natural oils production while moisturizing it adequately through the night.

Sukin Facial Moisturiser is enthusiastically reviewed by users who have an oily or combination skin.

keeping up with the needs of dry skin means that your night cream should replenish it, restore its softness and suppleness, regenerating skin cells and locking in water for long term hydration.

In this case, PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator can both help you deal with dryness and provide you with some anti-aging benefits.

Have You Checked Online?

Surprisingly, some of the best night creams that contain the most effective ingredients are sold only online and they are often overlooked because people simply don’t know they exist.

So, when looking for an effective night cream, make sure that you don’t just focus on those brands that are popular but really take the time to look for those products that are actually the most beneficial.

Look for Those Products that Have Fair to Good Reviews

While this may come as a surprise to many people, you really don’t want to purchase a night cream or any product that has nothing but perfect reviews.

The reason for this is that each individual is different and a product that works for one person may not going to work the same for another one.

By focusing on those night creams that get average to good reviews (3 ½ to 5 stars) you are much more likely to get a clear picture of just who that night cream works for and who it doesn’t.

This will help you decide if the specific night cream is going to work for you.
By using those night cream reviews to guide you and taking the time to explore all the products out there, you are much more likely to find a night cream that suits your skin best.

Pay Attention To The Night Cream Ingredients

When reading those reviews, pay attention to the ingredients the cream contains. An anti aging night cream should contain ingredients that target the three main causes of aging which is loss of elastin, low levels of hyaluronic acid and free radicals.

Look for components such as some form of co-enzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, rosehip oil, vitamins and other antioxidants.

Your night cream moisturizer should also contain oils that are known to penetrate deep into the skin and not sit on the skin’s surface.

Penetrating oils help to soften skin and hold in moisture while those that sit on the skin’s surface only result in your complexion feeling oily.

You will also want to avoid those creams that contain synthetic fragrances and colorants as these type of ingredients can actually dry out and irritate your skin.

Look For Money Back Guarantees

A big advantage of buying a night cream online is that some companies give a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their product, no answers asked.

Just make sure that the guarantee is long enough so that you can really test out the product. If the company is telling you that it takes 60 days to see results from their product but only offers you a 30 day money back guarantee, then what good is their guarantee?

Also, make sure that the money back promise is for open containers of the product. Many companies offer money back guarantees and then the fine print tells you that the guarantee is only for unopened containers.

What Is The Xtend Life Restorative Night Cream All About?

The Restorative Night Cream is a cream made by Xtend Life, a company in New Zealand which specializes in natural skin care products.

The cream contains special active ingredients and natural oils that penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it fully during the night.

According to the company’s claims, this formula is specially designed to fight the 3 main causes of aging skin which are loss of collagen and elastin, oxidation because of free radicals and minimizing of hyaluronic acid.

Some of their ingredients are Active New Zealand Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, avocado extract, coenzyme Q10 in a special nano-emulsion form and other special emollients for night use.

It is also free of parabens, allergens and harmful chemical ingredients of any kind.

1 year full money back guarantee is provided to you even if you send your semi used bottle back.

So, all the above make this rich cream an attractive option when looking for a good natural night cream.

On Xtend Life official site you can also read Xtend Life user reviews about the product, FAQ’S as well as additional information about the ingredients and effectiveness of the product.