What Is The Best Tea Tree Oil Brand?

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Tea Tree oil has many benefits ranging anywhere to helping you fight acne to eliminating mold and mildew as well as dealing with lice, dandruff, rashes, athlete´s foot and many other infections.

In my case, tea tree oil has always been in my bathroom cabinet for some years now as a natural way to cure and prevent toenail fungus. Although I have used different brands of organic tea tree oil, and from what I have learned during all this period that I have been buying and hearing about this essential oil, I think that the best tea tree oil is the Australian tea tree oil, which is what I am using right now.

Of course when you want to buy Australian tea tree oil, you will find that there are a lot of different brands that are trading this oil, so how can you find the best tea tree oil brand?

Here, I have selected some options of very good quality and popular Australian Tea Tree Oil which I think you will find useful.

ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade

The strong points of the ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil are that this quality oil is imported from Australia and it comes in a large 4 ounce bottle which makes it a very cost effective option. Its price is also very affordable.

The amber bottle protects its contents very well and the glass dropper is easy for application. The product is also 100% guaranteed.

User reviews are very good, so let´s see some of the benefits people experience when using it.

  • It heals skin burns quickly.
  • Dries up acne and prevents further breakouts.
  • Reduces dandruff when it is added to the shampoo.
  • Heals dry skin.
  • Removes warts.
  • Fights nail fungus.
  • Evens skin tone.

Many users also put a couple of drops of this oil into the cleaning liquid they use for their kitchen, bathroom and tile floors to help prevent fungus and the growth of bacteria.

Rahda Beauty Tea Tree Essential Oil

The Radha Beauty Tea Tree Oil is also a 100% natural oil which comes from Australia and is packaged in the USA. It is contained in a 4 ounce blue bottle with a dipper dispenser and is followed by a lifetime full money guarantee without you needing to send the product back.

Users are very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of this oil and here is a small sample of what their reviews say:

  • It heals nail fungus.
  • Reduces the flaking and itching of Eczema.
  • Removes skin tags (it does take a few weeks.)
  • Minimizes acne breakouts.
  • Reduces skin dryness.
  • Minimizes dandruff and itching.

Users also add this Tea Tree oil to their kitchen and bathroom cleaner.

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Australian Tea Tree Oil

The First Botany Cosmeceuticals Tea Tree oil from Australia is, according to the company claims, a 100% pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil which is steam distilled and is free of preservatives and additives of any kind.

It comes in a 4 ounce amber bottle with a glass dropper applicator and its purchase is followed by full money guarantee. At the same quantity as the previously reviewed oils, this one is also sold at a little cheaper price.

Users find several benefits from using this product including:

  • It removes skin tags.
  • Treats fungus.
  • Softens and moisturizes skin.
  • Removes ticks.
  • Keeps fleas off dogs bedding (it is poisonous to cats.)
  • Heals small wounds quickly.
  • Heals and prevents Athlete’s foot.
  • Great for wart removal.

Edens Garden Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

The Edens Garden company specializes in essential oils. The latter are GC/MS tested for making sure that they have 100% certified pure therapeutic quality. It is also quite impressive that the company creates 164 different oils. Also, 10% of all their proceeds are donated to various organizations.

The Edens Garden Tea Tree Oil is of an Australian origin and is available in different size amber bottles. Each order includes a very useful free brochure containing 150 ways to use essential oils.

Reviews for this Tea Tree oil are exceptionally good with users finding several different advantages from using it including:

  • It dries up acne.
  • Great on Nail Fungus.
  • Cures ring worm.
  • Deals with athlete’s foot.
  • Removes mold.

Users also add a few drops to their mop water for cleaning tile floors.

NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil

The NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil comes in a 1 ounce amber bottle with a built in dropper which controls the flow very well and it is easy to use. This product is 100% pure.

Users like it for several reasons including:

  • It removes skin tags.
  • Has a mild scent.
  • Repels head lice.
  • Dries up rashes quickly.
  • Kills toenail fungus.
  • When used in a diffuser with other oils, it helps to relieve congestion.
  • Dries up various blemishes.

Majestic Pure Therapeutic Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree Oil

The Majestic Pure Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil is a 100% natural oil coming from Australia and being packaged in the USA. It comes in a 4 ounce amber bottle with a dropper applicator and a full money guarantee.

Reviews and ratings for this product are very good with people saying that they use it successfully for different treatments with the following benefits:

  • It soothes sunburn.
  • Heals cuts and scrapes.
  • Relieves Psoriasis symptoms.
  • Great as an insect repellent.
  • Good mold remover.
  • Removes ticks.

Tea Tree Oil Precautions

Tea Tree Oil is one of the two (if I remember well, they are two) essential oils that can be instantly applied on the skin safely without previously having to be diluted in a carrier oil.

I have been using this oil for years with no irritation at all. The only thing I can tag as not so pleasant is its strong smell which is not repulsive in any way but I would just describe it as quite strong.

Still, although Tea Tree oil is safe for topical application, there are some people who can get an allergic rash after using it on their skin.

So, what you can do is either mix Tea Tree Oil with a carrier oil like almond oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil and then apply it on your skin or just first try the tea tree oil on a very small area of your skin to check whether you will get a reaction or not.

Also, pregnant women should always consult their doctor first before using any essential oils and finally Tea Tree Oil should no way be taken by mouth.

All in all, in this review I have selected some of the best Tea Tree Oil brands for you to find out the products most important characteristics quickly and be able to enjoy the various benefits of this very useful essential oil.