What Is The Best Safety Razor?

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If you have decided to make the move from those electric razors or those disposable blade razors to a safety razor, but simply don’t know much about how to choose a double edge safety razor, then you are no doubt further confused by different articles and sales pages stating that this safety razor or that safety razor is the best.

What To Look For In The Best Safety Razor

Handle Length

The length of the handle of a safety razor is something you are going to want to consider carefully. While as a general rule, shorter handles allow you to have better control over your shave, people with larger hands aren’t simply comfortable shaving with short handled razors because they have to hold the razor awkwardly to the handle length. Remember that a long handled razor held in a larger hand will still allow you to have the ultimate control over your shave.

Weight of Safety Razor

The weight of the razor is another important consideration. Wet shaving with a blade means you don’t want to apply pressure when shaving (that’s how you get nicks and cuts.) So, you want a razor that is heavy enough to be able to glide across your skin without you having to apply any excess pressure. If the razor is too lightweight, it simply won’t perform well.

Must Be Well Balanced

You also want to look for a balanced head on your double edge safety razor. A razor that is heavier on one side of the head or the other makes it difficult to use both sides to get that all round close shave without irritation.
Angle of the Head

The angle of the shaving head is also an important factor in whether a razor will be the right one for you. You want a razor with the head angled enough to give you a close shave without digging into your skin. The angle should also be just right to be able to easily shave your face and your neck.

Must Be Durable

There is a little doubt that safety razors can save you a ton of money over other shavers or razors on the market.
However, you may want a razor that is durable enough to last you for several years if not the rest of your life.

Price Range

When you consider the price of those cartridge blades and those electric shavers that need to be replaced each time the batteries die, it is easy to see that almost any double edge razor will save you a good deal of money in a very short period of time.

However, you don’t want to buy such a cheap a razor that you will need to replace it every few weeks or few months, so consider investing a little more in a better razor that will last you at least for a few years.

Looks & Style

While what a razor looks like may be important for some people, it is far less important than how the razor actually functions. That being said, if you want a good looking DE razor, there are plenty of great looking high functioning ones on the market.

So, now that we have discussed about what you should be looking for in the best safety razor, let’s take a look at some of the top reviewed razors.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur has earned a reputation for manufacturing well designed and highly functional safety razors. These German made razors are considered to be some of the best double edge razors on the market, and Merkur long handled safety razor should meet the needs of men with larger hands.

It has a nice chrome finish and a long handle with a non-slip grip. People who have purchased it like its quality construction and solid feel they get when shaving. Something you need to keep in mind is that with this 3 piece razor you have to unscrew the handle from the head and split the head apart to clean or dry out the razor or to change the blade.

Digging up user reviews, I also found various comments by women mentioning that they liked this razor to do under arms, legs and bikini area without feeling any irritation. The choice of blade for women is of a personal preference and I would suggest getting a sampler pack of various makes of razor blades to find the one you like.

Here, it should be pointed out that this razor tends to be a bit more aggressive than other milder razors, which means that it will give you a nice close shave, but my suggestion would be to shave gently in the beginning until you get used to the angle of the razor.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Made in England, Edwin Jagger safety razors are extremely popular, well made and considered (pardon the pun) a cut above other razors.

The DE89Lbl safety razor is a very well balanced classic closed comb razor that fits all standard blades. It is made from chrome plated solid brass giving it a bit of weight. Users like both its weight and balance, finding that the head is angled just right. It comes packed in a stylish black box which also makes it ideal if you want to gift wrap it for a present.

The company claims that the quality of shave can match the original straight cut throat razor and the customer reviews confirm that. In a lot of cases, people have actually commented that the quality is even superior to the Merkur.

The lined pattern on the solid brass handle gives it a great touch of style and elegance. This design also ensures that there is no slippage with wet hands. The company offers 5 Derby safety blades with the DE razor so you can immediately put it to use as soon as you receive it without having to buy the blades.

My advice would be that you will need to familiarize yourself with the correct angle in order to get the perfect shave, and there are tons of instructional videos on the net which explain this quite precisely.

Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor

Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor

While the company ‘Shaveology’ is less well known than many of the other manufacturers of safety razors, the Shaveology double edge safety razor seems to be as well made as any of the bigger name brands.

This product features a more luxurious look with its shiny black acrylic handle. It is also a custom etched chrome razor that is said to work with all hand sizes.

Users feel it has a nice weight and design which gives them a quality shaving experience. They like the fact that it comes with a leather blade guard which protects the blades especially if you are traveling. There is also a polishing towel and 5 starter pack high-end platinum blades to get you started.

Personally, I really like the packing box and the little accessories, especially to give it as gift to a friend or a loved one.
The company are so sure about their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee and make a generous offer that if you don´t experience the best shave of your life by using Shaveology safety razor, you can simply return the razor, and they will be happy to refund the money without any questions asked.

As with any product, there are users who are not so happy with the product as well but one can only judge it by the overall reviews which are very good. Also, when you consider the price for the quality and guarantee you get, it certainly makes it a good buy in our list of products.

Parker 99R Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 99R Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Although the Parker company has been making Double Edge razors and shaving products for a considerable length of time, it was once considered unable to compete with many of the other big name companies known for making quality razors.

However, recently this company has stepped up their game, and it is believed that the Parker 99R long handle safety razor can compete with some of the best safety razors on the market. It is made from chrome plated brass and has a twist open butterfly closure. It also has a nice 4 inch long handle and weighs a handy 3.4 ounces. The blade fits very well with ease and no slippage.

Users find that this razor provides them with a nice close shave due to its weight and balance, feeling it doesn’t slip around in their hand when shaving.

Apart from looking very nice, the textured handle also provides a good grip while shaving. The weight is just right to slide on the skin with ease, and users have talked about an irritation free shaving. Depending on the angle you shave, it can be quite aggressive but you can change the angle to make it less aggressive. Some users have actually compared it to Muhle and Merker, finding that it is on par with those and in some cases even better.

Parker 96R Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 96R Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Although the Parker 96R long handled safety razor gets a little less reviews as compared to the 99R, the ratings are equally high. This razor has a twist to open butterfly head, making the change of the blades easy.

It has a chrome plated brass handle and looking at the razor, you can see that a lot of attention has been given to detail. It has a nickel plated head and weighs a nice 3.0 ounces which makes it perfect for experienced users as well as beginners.

It is solidly built and most people commented that it holds the blades firmly in place. However, after going through hundreds of reviews, I found few saying that it does not hold the blade firmly, but this was more of an exception than the rule. Users like its long handle, especially those with larger hands, and find this razor very attractive.

The company claims that this product will rival any others on the market even those costing a lot more and that you will experience a barbershop close shave when you use Parker 96R long handle razor.

In general, users are happy about the ease of use and how forgiving this razor is. It seems to find the correct angle on the skin to provide you with the right shaving angle and it does not take you more than a shave or two to get used to it. It comes at a good price and can make an ideal gift.

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor 34CWhen it comes to Merkur, the quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself. The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor is a well designed razor that is manufactured in Germany. It has a handle that is about the length of a typical disposable razor but is designed to provide a better grip, and the texture makes it no-slip even with wet hands.

This razor is a modern decorative version of a traditional design of our grandfathers’ time. It is reasonably heavy and well balanced to give you a close shave. Users find the blade loading and unloading quite simple. I really like the design and it comes in chrome finish. It does not have a tendency to rust if properly cared for. Therefore, it should last most users a lifetime and could even be handed down to the next generation.

It will give you a smooth shave with no pulling of hair or bumps and is good for beginners who will find it very easy to get used to. Some people prefer the long handle but I find the grip and control on a shorter handle a lot better. In order to get an idea of the length of its handle, let me tell you that it is approximately the length of the commonly used disposable razor.

You will like the difference in feel and shave closeness just by changing the angle of the razor and letting the weight of the razor fall on your skin.

Edwin Jagger DE86bl Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor (Black)

Edwin Jagger DE86bl Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor

Anyone looking for an elegant looking and highly functional safety razor will probably be drawn to the Edwin Jagger DE86bl razor. This razor features the classic comb head, which is chrome plated, and has a black acrylic short handle.

When you see the acrylic handle, you may get the impression that there might be some slippage but that won´t be the case.

Users find this product to be very attractive, solidly built and extremely well made. They state that it is well balanced and has the right heft to it. It gives them an incredibly close shave without causing any irritation.

As we know, quality shaving is not only dependent on the razor but with the right shaving soap and brush, you will feel like having a shave in a high class shaving establishment. Each Edwin Jagger DE86bl comes with 5 Derby safety blades so that you will be ready to go as soon as you receive your package. However, the head of Edwin Jagger DE fits all standard DE blades.

The product comes in an elegant Edwin Jagger card presentation box which is handy in case you want to get it for a gift.

All in all, finding the best safety razor to meet your specific needs will enhance your shaving experience by not only giving you a closer shave without irritation or bumps, but by actually offering you the indulgence of being pampered each and every morning.