What Causes Smile Lines And Wrinkles?

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They are called smile lines but they don’t usually make you smile once they appear.

On some people these laugh lines and wrinkles appear even faster than on others. 

For example, it is a well known fact that oily types of skin tend to be “luckier” when it comes to the appearance of laugh lines and wrinkles while dry types of skin are more prone to those wrinkles.

So, what causes smile lines and wrinkles? Let’s have a look at 10 reasons:

Does Sun Really Cause Wrinkles?

Keep away from harmful UV rays, especially during the hours that the sun gets hotter. Researches have shown that when the skin is protected under shadow, it can produce new collagen up to a great extent.

Collagen is what keeps the skin elastic and wrinkle free. Thus, wear a sunscreen with minimum SPF 15, a wide brimmed hat and stay under the shadow of your umbrella if on the beach.

Indoor Tanning

If you insist that tanning gives you that tropical appearance you have always dreamed of, but still the closest beach is miles away, don’t make the mistake of using indoor tanning methods since they are linked to faster skin aging.

Is Smoking Linked To Aging?

Smoking dries out the skin and is responsible for those vertical lines above the upper lip that are created by the constant inhaling and exhaling of the smoke.

It also makes skin more vulnerable to the free radicals, which eventually leads to wrinkles.

Not Proper Moisturizing

When looking for ways to get rid of smile lines, you should have in mind that moisturizing your skin properly and effectively is a very important step in your everyday skin care together with cleansing.

Moisturizing according to your skin´s needs is what you need daily to avoid aging.

Sleeping Position

The position that we sleep also seems to play a role in the more visible appearance of smile lines. Although one can´t always control the position, sleeping on your back is more advisable.

Poor Diet

Fine lines and wrinkles are not simply the result of genes or non effective skin care products. A very important factor that one has to consider is a healthy diet because beautiful skin comes very much from the inside.

Organic fruits and vegetables can keep you away from all harmful chemicals which help free radicals take over and accelerate the aging process. You can also avoid eating processed foods or other very sugary or salty foods that most of the times contain a high portion of saturated fats.

Collagen and Elastin Loss

Throughout the years, skin gradually loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin. The levels of hyaluronic acid decrease and the free radicals get in charge more easily, especially when we mistreat our body following bad habits.

Why Is Lack of Sleep Bad For Your Skin?

Lack of sleep triggers the secretion of cortisol, a substance that destroys the connections of the cells, resulting in sagging skin.

On the other hand, good quality sleep ensures the production of growth hormones which are so important for the reconstruction of your skin.

Chemical Ingredients

Chemical synthetic products can dry out skin, lead to premature aging and be responsible for a number of skin ailments such as rosacea, contact dermatitis, eczema and others that can be triggered by those chemicals. The key to that is natural organic ingredients as well as natural oils.

Stressful Lifestyle

Being tense and stressed can affect highly the looks of your skin since it accelerates the production of free radicals, thus leading to quicker aging. So, try to be calm by saving some free time for yourself to do things that you enjoy and make you feel better. This will eventually have a positive effect on your skin.

How To Prevent Smile Lines Naturally

Boost your skin’s resistance to wrinkles with the daily usage of a Vitamin C Serum. Topical use of vitamin C has been found to reduce and soften wrinkles and fine lines as well as preventing the formation of new ones.

Natural oils is one more way to keep the skin balanced, healthy looking and adequately moisturized. A wide variety of natural oils can serve as an additional extra boost to your skin’s needs, helping it to deal with different skin conditions such as oily skin, wrinkles, dryness and numerous other conditions.

For example Rosehip Oil, deriving from the wild rose bush seeds is full of vitamins, fatty acids and in total nearly 500 natural energizing ingredients. It has a big reputation due to its high percentage in elements like Pro-Vitamin A which are vital to the skin’s staying vibrant and elastic, reducing fine lines and boosting collagen.

Also suitable for more difficult skin conditions such as eczema, acne prone skin as well as all types of skin like combination, dry, sun damaged and sensitive skin.

Another natural oil which is effective with fine lines but also gives great results with the tightening of the under chin skin area is Argan Oil.

These were some of the reasons that cause smile lines and wrinkles. In your quest to prevent and reduce smile lines keep in mind that a single thing won’t work miracles on your skin, but a combination of different actions. Most importantly never forget that a resistant to wrinkles skin comes as a result of a healthy lifestyle, too.