What Are The Benefits Of Dry Skin Body Brushing?

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Dry skin body brushingDry skin body brushing has various benefits for your skin and body´s health and here we will have a look at them in detail. We will also see the right way to use a dry skin body brush and get to know the areas which you shouldn´t dry brush.

But first what makes body brushing such a popular, simple and easy technique to not only regenerate your skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulitis at its early stages but also get rid of body toxins together with some other benefits as well?

At times when our basic internal organs that are responsible for body detoxification such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and bowel do not work properly, the skin undertakes such role. For example, sudden allergic reactions or smelly sweat are two of the multiple ways the skin gets rid of the body toxins.

In addition, 1/3 of the blood circulating in our body goes to the skin. Also, the skin is probably the last organ that benefits from the nutrients we receive through eating but the first that its appearance reveals the lack of those nutrients.

For all of the above reasons, systematic exfoliation, detoxification and skin cell renewal is more than necessary and dry skin body brushing can help towards this direction.

Why Dry Skin Brushing is Beneficial?

  • Gets rid of Dead Skin Cells– When dead skin cells are removed from the surface of the skin, they will be replaced by new skin cells that will not only look healthy but be stronger and more resistant to all sorts of skin threats. New skin cells make skin look soft, smooth, bright and regenerated.
  • Improves Blood Circulation– The massage you get while you are dry skin brushing improves the blood and the lymph circulation. This way, more blood flows to the specific area and helps the fluid exchange in the tissues. The right amount of pressure when using a dry brush stimulates the lymph flow and that promotes the fast renewal of the cells as well as the toxins removal.
  • Improves the Appearance of the Skin– The massage movements used in dry skin brushing do not remove or reduce the fat cells. What they do is to improve the condition and appearance of the skin and promote the nutrients’ circulation in the tissues.
  • Decongests Blocked Pores– By decongesting the blocked pores of the skin, your skincare products can actually be more effective because their active ingredients get absorbed better into the skin.

How to Dry Body Brush Correctly

You will first need a dry body brush preferably with natural bristles and a long handle to be able to reach your back as well as buttocks.

The best time of the day to dry brush your skin is before your morning shower. It doesn´t take a long time since only 3-5 minutes are enough to revitalize your skin and lift up your senses.

The movements you should use have to be upward. Start from the feet moving up to the legs and buttocks, and continue with the arms moving towards your breast.

At the stomach and belly area, you need to use clockwise circular movements. Always remember that dry skin brushing should be done gently without rubbing hard which can result to redness and irritation.

In Which Cases or Parts of the Body Dry Skin Brushing Is Not Recommended?

  • Breast and Genitals.
  • On sensitive types of skin, open wounds and parts of the body with spider veins.
  • Sun burnt skin areas.
  • During pregnancy your doctor’s approval is required.

In conclusion, there is no reason you should avoid dry skin body brushing if you find its benefits worthwhile adding this healthy habit into your skincare routine.

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