What Are Silica’s Benefits For Skin, Hair And Body?

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Healthy hairYou may have heard about Silicon or Silica and its benefits for the skin, hair and body´s health or you may have not, but the fact is that Silicon is a source of beauty, energy and power for the human body.

So, what are its health advantages and which natural foods contain silicon?

But first let´s find out about the symptoms that we may notice when there is a lack of silicon in our body:

  • Dull brittle nails.
  • Fragile as well as weak hair that do not grow easily and sometimes fall out easily as well.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles that appear prematurely.
  • Bone and joint damage that becomes visible.

All these symptoms might make us in the first place think that we are actually aging, but in reality they can be just linked to a lack of silicon in our body which can easily be dealt with.

Silicon is a necessary mineral for our body which is used to regenerate endogenous collagen.

What Can Silica Do To Your Body?

Silicon´s Benefits For the Skin and Hair

  • It protects the skin from loss of elasticity and improves its fatigued appearance, making it look younger.
  • Promotes the growth of dense, strong and shiny hair.
  • Makes nails strong and flexible.

Other Health Benefits of Silica

  • It is essential for the health of our bones, joints and ligaments.
  • It promotes the rapid healing of fractures as well as injured tendons and ligaments.
  • Slows down the degeneration of the intervertebral discs and cartilage.
  • Strengthens the cornea of the eyes.
  • It helps with osteoporosis and osteopenia, because without Silicon, calcium cannot be absorbed by the bones.
  • Helps maintain the tooth enamel.

Foods that are Rich in Silicon

  • Cereal grains such as oats, barley and wheat
  • Fruits
  • Beans
  • Cucumber with skin
  • Beetroots
  • Peppers
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Clover.
  • Brown rice.
  • Beer.

If you think that your diet lacks in foods that are rich in Silica, you may want to think about taking a Silica nutritional supplement for at least that period that you are experiencing those issues that are linked to the lack of Silicon in your body.

These supplements will provide you with the health benefits we have mentioned above as well as benefits for your skin, hair and nails.

Silica Formula by Cellfood After some research in the Silica supplements available in the market today, we have chosen to review a good quality Silica supplement which comes in liquid form for better absorption compared to the capsules form.

According to some nutritionists, capsules should be chewed and not swallowed, since by chewing them, they absorb better. Since chewing supplements is not always convenient, the liquid form of supplements is probably the best.

This 40 day supply of Silica Formula by Cellfood contains Silica as well as all those trace minerals that boost the silicon’s effectiveness. It is created by an FDA-compliant manufacturer with a certification by the Natural Product Association and gathers great consumer reviews.

According to the company, it provides benefits for the bones, muscles and joints as well as the skin, hair, teeth and gums. Finally, it promotes heart and brain function.

In conclusion, Silica’s benefits for the skin, hair and body are very important, and in this article we have provided you with some useful information about how to understand that your body lacks Silicon, the health benefits of Silicon, foods with Silica as well as useful ways to deal with lack of Silicon in your body.