How Addicted I Am to Weleda Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion-My Personal Review

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Weleda citrus hydrating body lotion is one of my body skin care choices for several reasons I will explain in this review.

How Did I Get To Know About Weleda Natural and Organic Cosmetics?

Weleda is a german company, so when I first visited Berlin, I noticed that weleda cosmetics were everywhere in the shops that were selling skin care products.

My first trial was with their sea buckthorn creamy body wash. Honestly, I had never experienced such an invigorating and refreshing smell before but not in a suffocating artificial way but in a truly natural and vibrant way.

Up to that moment, the shower gels I had used had that common scent which more or less can be pleasant though most of the times artificially pleasant I should say,  but the essence of that product still remains in my mind as something that immediately hit my senses. It was one of the reasons I loved that first journey to Berlin.

From that day on, I became an instant fan of weleda skin care products, trying one after another their products.

What Is Demeter Certified Skincare Products All About?

Demeter certified or biodynamic skincare products are those products that are created from plants and flowers based on the Demeter cultivation principles which have to do with a holistic procedure of cultivating plants and weleda is one such skin care brand that uses biodynamic ingredients.

According to wikipedia and what I have read and heard about Demeter certification and cultivation, plants are grown in an environment as pure as it can be under conditions which allow the preservation of the natural process of growth and development and with an absolute prohibition of genetically engineered organisms or other artificial interventions.

Also, plants that are grown according to the biodynamic principles are gathered at the peak of their growth and maturity with all their beneficial qualities at the maximum strength and effectiveness.

That’s the reason probably why I still remember that overwhelming scent from that first weleda creamy body wash, it felt so fresh and vibrant like I was smelling the actual plant and flower and even more because the smell in their skin care products is condensed.

What I Like More About Weleda Citrus Body Lotion

I generally love citrus essences, so that is one of the reasons I stick to this body lotion. But just an essence wouldn’t do anything if I wasn’t completely sure that what I put on and in my body is not made of completely safe skin care ingredients, and let me explain what I mean.

Before discovering natural and organic skincare products, I used to be attracted by the popularity and outside looks of the product.

Slowly and till I finally realized that synthetic ingredients and artificial essences where not doing me any good but in fact they sometimes used to irritate my sensitive skin, I started looking at skincare products not just like products but like ways to benefit and even cure my skin.

So, that’s how I stopped using conventional skincare products except for certain cases like eye products and turned to natural and organic skincare.

Back to our subject now, Weleda citrus body lotion is one of those lotions that its scent awakens my senses as soon as I put it on my skin and it gets instantly absorbed.

I love using it especially during the spring and summer months when the temperature goes up and my body needs a more refreshing touch. Especially when I combine it with the weleda citrus body wash, the scent lingers for longer and really smells beautiful.

Especially for me that I don’t like intense long lingering and sometimes too suffocating artificial smelling perfumes, the combination of those two naturally and vibrant smelling products gives me just the right amount and quality of essence I need on my body’s skin.

This natural body lotion from weleda has a nice moisturizing effect without leaving any greasy feeling. Weleda skin care is all about boosting the skin’s own natural mechanisms in a way that doesn’t disrupt its balance but only helps promote a healthier and prettier skin.

That is one of the claims the company makes with which I totally agree concerning all of weleda skincare products I have personally used so far.

So, that is what weleda citrus hydrating body lotion is for me, a light invigorating body lotion which awakens my senses, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and keeps it nicely moisturized and smooth.

Also, in parts that your skin might be more oily, this body lotion can help your skin find a better balance with its natural oils.

This happens because every ingredient has its reason for being contained in this product and that is to promote your skin’s natural balance and make it more resistant to deteriorating factors.

I know that I might sound a bit exaggerating to you if you don’t know about weleda skin care products but truly for me they have been working quite well, so I hope you could excuse any tone of exaggeration in my voice.

But what do other people say about weleda citrus body lotion? Let’s have a look!


Check At Amazon People’s Reviews About Weleda Citrus Body Lotion

What Do Weleda Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion Reviews say?

People rate weleda citrus lotion with almost 5 stars. Nearly all of them mention how pleased they are with the natural organic ingredients contained. They also love its scent and texture with some of them using it on their hands, too.

Some of them feel that it adequately hydrates their skin and gets easily absorbed while few others feel that it is not rich enough for the more demanding needs of their skin.

Still, all of them comment on its very pleasant almost overpowering for some of them scent. As one commented: “like you’re squeezing lime juice on yourself!”

Weleda Citrus Body Lotion Pros

  • Very pleasant and refreshing citrus smell.
  • Biodynamic certified organic and natural ingredients. Some of its ingredients are sesame seed oil, coconut oil, aloe leaf juice, olive oil and shea butter.
  • Free of synthetic preservatives.
  • “Natrue” guarantee of quality ( a seal which is given to natural and organic cosmetics that meet the highest standards among a growing number of natural and organic products today.)
  • Rich in essential fatty acids which stimulate the skin’s natural process of regeneration, making it more supple and energized.
  • Cooling and refreshing effect, perfect for hotter months.
  • Easily absorbable.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Award winning bottle which consists of an airless bag-in-bottle system with pump dispenser.

Weleda Citrus Body Lotion Cons

  • It might not be so suitable for the types of skin that are very dry and need fast and really rich restoration and moisturization.
  • Although the dispenser keeps the content airless and therefore more effective and beneficial, you have to be a bit careful of how you use it. Just keep your fingers close to the hole when you press it and do it slowly because if you press it too abruptly, the content might splash out.

Final Conclusion

After reading my Weleda citrus hydrating body lotion review, you might want to ask me whether I would buy this product again.

To this, I must answer that I have already bought it several times and I am sticking to it for the time being.

The only reason I would take a break from it  would obviously be to try something different and get over my present addiction to this wonderfully scented natural body lotion. There’s still some hope for me don’t you think? 🙂

Finally, I would like to tell you that above I have found the cheapest price for you if you are interested in buying from Amazon.