Have You Ever Heard About These Weird Named Skin Care Ingredients And Their Benefits?

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I think I have said that again but one of the reasons I love having this skincare reviews blog is all the new exciting things I am discovering almost every day, one of which, lately, has been natural ingredients that have weird names but a lot of health and beauty benefits for skin as well.

So, I thought to select all those ingredients whose names seemed to sound maybe a bit tropical to me and surely much too unusual, and share their important skin pros with you. Let’s see if you yourself have ever heard about them.


I don’t know why when I hear this name, it sounds like Spanish to me, so I had to discover where this ingredient is mainly found and what its skin usefulness is.

That’s where an encyclopedia can always help, so I found on wikipedia that Rooibos is grown in a province of South Africa. The leaves of this plant are also used for tea.

It contains various polyphenols as well as flavonoids and other phytochemicals. It has anti inflammatory as well as anti allergic properties and it is used in eczema ointments. It is also good for various skin disorders.

The above benefits make Rooibos as well appreciated skin care ingredient which I have recently found contained in Acure Organics, a fair trade natural and organic line of skin and hair care products.

Gotu Kola

Nature does not always surprise us with its creations but also with the names these creations are given. In the case of Gotu Kola, I discovered on WebMD that it is a herb used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

It is used for healing wounds as well as reducing scars. The latter also include stretch marks which are caused by pregnancy. Gotu Kola decreases inflammation and increases collagen creation. That is the reason why it helps wounds to be healed.

I first discovered Gotu Kola as a skin ingredient when I was writing a review about Serumtologie Pure whipped facial moisturizer.


The Babassu oil derives from the fruits of the Babassu palm trees that are found in Southern America and more specifically in Brazil. I first found out about Babassu as a skin care ingredient when I was doing research on Xtend Life night cream.

So, I got to know that it is used in skin care because it contains beneficial for the skin fatty acids, phytosterols and vitanmin E. It has anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

It is also good for relieving dryness and itchiness as well as eczema symptoms and is found in both skin and hair care products.

Kojic Acid

It’s funny how a person that is not acquainted to all those wonderfully beneficial skin care acids reacts when they first find out that some skin care products may contain acids like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and more.

They feel puzzled of what kind of acids those are till they discover that they are natural acids that are widely used in skin care.

So, Kojic acid is one of those acids I came across when I was doing my HYKO Brightening serum review. While researching this product, I found out from the manufacturer’s site and other reliable sources that Kojic acid is a natural ingredient coming from a fungus.

It has been recently used to treat pigmentation problems and age spots and is the safe alternative of skin brightening and whitening compared to the irritating and dangerous ingredient of hydroquinone which is used widely in whitening skin care products.

In conclusion, these were some of those weird named skin care ingredients which have been caught by my radar lately and I am really glad I grabbed the opportunity to learn a bit more about them and share it with you.