5 Effective Tips To Remove Blackheads

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There are many tips to remove blackheads, some are more effective than others and it also depends on the type of skin you have.

Can I give you a general piece of advice? When you see a blackhead, it is very tempting to try and squeeze it out but I would strongly advise you not to.

So, let’s see now some effective ways to remove blackheads.

The Steaming Procedure

Open the pores first by giving your skin a steam treatment. Fill a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head to trap the steam and bend over the bowl to take the steam on your face. You will see that within 10 minutes you facial area will be moist with sweat and condensation.

The pores must be opened up by now and you will be able to safely get rid of those blackheads. Alternatively, you can put some hot water on a small towel, wait for it to cool down a bit and then apply it to the affected area.

This may not be as effective as the steaming method, but should still work to soften the area. Now dip a cotton ball in the hot water and gently rub over the affected area, always making sure that the pad is reasonably hot and not very hot.

By repeating this process 4 or 5 times, you will manage to clear some of the less stubborn blackheads.

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Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are well reviewed by users and are commonly available. You just have to apply the strip on the affected area, leave it for few minutes and then remove it.

The only problem with such a strip is that you might need more than one strip to pull them completely out since some of those blackheads are very insisting.

Some people also find the application and removal of the strip a bit too harsh. But if you steam your face first, it makes the process a lot easier.

Blackhead Removal kit

You can find a number of blackhead removal tools available on the market for removing blackheads. If you are planning to utilize such a tool, then it is better to use it for the more stubborn blackheads which the steaming method could not get rid of.

The normal blackhead removal tool works by using pressure on the skin surrounding a blackhead, pushing it to come out. But do try the steaming method before you resort to the use of such tools.

In addition to the blackhead removal tool, you can also find a blackhead vacuum tool, which basically sucks the little “monster” out of the pores.

Using Your Fingers

While it is not advisable to do this, it can surely be tempting. So, if you are tempted to try it out, then after the steaming process use your fingers to gently squeeze and manipulate the skin around the blackheads.

Mild pressure around the area will squeeze them out. You must ensure to wash your hands first and to avoid damaging your skin with your finger nails. So, it is best to wrap your fingers with a tissue.

Exfoliants & Face Scrubs

Exfoliating your skin is helpful, too. It not only helps to remove blackheads from face but also prevents new ones from coming out. Just make sure you don´t get carried away by scrubbing too harshly and too often.

There is a number of exfoliation products available. For more information, you can check out our detailed review on the best face masks for blackheads.

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When dealing with blemishes, you need to look for a good quality product, non-alcohol based one and non comedogenic (the term is used for products that don´t clog the pores.)

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In conclusion, these were some tips to remove blackheads effectively. While trying them out, remember that the golden rule is never to be aggressive or use force.

It is something that should be done with a lot of patience and with a gentle approach.
Otherwise, you will only make your skin look worse or may even end up damaging it.