The Earth Day And Shocking Reminders

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Today is the Earth day and this might give us one reason, excuse or even strong motive to seriously think about the small and at the same time big impact that each of us has on the future of this planet.

Since the Earth needs more than just a day to remind us of its need to be protected, maybe the best way we could all practically help is first to think what we are doing to protect it and secondly and most importantly to ACT!

But now I would like to share with you some facts about pollution I read today and they were actually shocking.

So, according to the article which was referring to a report released by the International Finance Forum, the oceans of our planet (it is ours, not somebody else´s) will have had more plastic garbage bags, in weight, than fish by 2050!!

The report is also expanding on a lot of other facts about the different countries insufficiency in processing in waste management and focuses on reminding us about the urgent measures that have to be taken to prevent waste from polluting the environment.

One of the ways to reduce waste is of course recycling but the figures of the report actually show that we do not recycle as much as it is needed. Of course, there are some countries that are very much into recycling but others not.

Something that I also read is that the biodegradable bags, that most of us may think that it takes little to dissolve, need special industrial composting and long exposure to very high temperatures for them to dissolve, conditions that do not exist in the oceans where a lot of these biodegradable materials end up.

So, it actually takes years for these plastics to be completely dissolved, but even then, tiny plastic ingredients still linger, negatively affecting the marine environment.

Recycling is probably the safest solution, although it requires lots of energy to be spent, and, regarding to skincare now, I would say that companies that follow sustainable practices and choose to use organically cultivated ingredients are more Earth-friendly.

Still, you have to remember that all skin care bottles, even if they are biodegradable, have to be thrown into your recycling bin, which I would say that compared to the normal bins, becomes happy only when it is full.

Recycling can also be a fun activity for the children since it can make them more responsible, and there are hundreds of fun activities to do together so that you show them that recycling can be an enjoyable habit.

Finally, today that is the Earth Day, we can make a fresh start, realize that the Earth is not somebody else´s house but everybody´s house and act towards a direction that respects this principle.