Is Testing Lots Of Different Skin Care Samples Good For Your Skin?

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After a quick visit to the pharmacy the other day, I came back home with a paper bag full of samples. Samples of face creams, eye creams, serums and body lotions.

The first thing that I did apart from warning my skin that it has to be a bit patient with trying out some of those samples was to take a photo of them with my mobile because I just liked all those different vibrant colors.

My skin, though, warned me that it wouldn’t be so willing to try out all of those because testing different skin care samples excessively could unbalance and even irritate it. I totally agreed and promised that I would take it easy.

The next day, I tried out a day cream sample. By using a sample once or twice you can’t really make important conclusions as to the anti wrinkle effects but you can surely get a feeling of how a cream sits on your face, the sensation you get and even the improvement of moisture, elasticity and a few other factors.

So, my advice here is to try and avoid testing lots of skin care samples one after another and especially those ones that you are not sure about their quality or ingredients. I am a fan of organic natural skin care products, so I find that my sensitive skin always loves trying out quality samples like Pai skincare samples.

Pai skincare is an organic natural skin care brand specialized in all kinds of skin care products created for different types of sensitive skin.

Oh well..what my skin needs at this time is better moisturizing and probably more love from me which I have been frugal in giving. So, I have a confession to make:
“Dear skin, I promise more pampering from now on especially at the end of the day, which gets really tiring for me, but it is so important for you!”

So, two days now I have started using vitamin E capsules to improve my skin’s texture as well as moisture. For an easier application of Vitamin E, a good alternative is a natural and organic vitamin E oil.