Benefits And Uses of Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Skin And Hair

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Benefits And Uses of Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Skin And Hair

First, it was the sunny, bright and uplifting aroma that drew me to it, and then it was the realization that orange essential oil is a super effective natural ingredient for skin and hair care.

Orange essential oil, most commonly known as sweet orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) is one of the citrus fruit essential oils. Some other citrus oils include bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, neroli, and more. Citrus Eos are said to have strong antimicrobial and anti-oxidative properties because they are rich in terpenes, flavonoids, and other components.

Sweet orange oil has a wide variety of benefits and uses for skin and hair. Before finding out what it can be used for, how about creating a DIY recipe?

How To Make Orange Oil For Skin

Making fresh orange juice is super healthy but Isn’t it a pity to leave all those orange peels to go wasted? Instead, you can create a super easy DIY orange oil to use it for beauty, home, or any other way you like.


• 4-5 oranges
• Vodka


  1. Wash and dry the oranges (organic oranges are free from fertilizers)
  2. Peel the skin and remove the pith when needed so your oil doesn’t become bitter
  3. Let the peels dry for a couple of days but avoid over-drying them to prevent losing some of their D-Limonene
  4. Put the peels in a glass jar or container and fully cover them with vodka
  5. Close the jar and give it a good shake for some minutes
  6. For the next 3 days or more, consider shaking the mixture 2-3 times every day ( shaking allows the release of more oil from the peels
  7. After the recommended period has passed, strain the blend into a glass bowl using a cheesecloth or a coffee filter
  8. Cover the open bowl with a paper or cloth towel and let it sit for 3 days so the alcohol evaporates (make sure that the paper towel doesn’t fall in the bowl because it will absorb the oil)
  9. After 3 days, your orange oil is ready. Pour it in a glass container, close the lid, and store in a cool dry place

Don’t forget: Before using it on your skin or hair, you need to dilute it in a carrier oil. Essential oils should not be used directly to the skin.

What Is Orange Oil Good For?


According to a study, combining orange oil with sweet basil led to 43-75% of acne lesions. Even using sweet orange on its own can be very effective for getting rid of acne breakouts including whiteheads and blackheads as well as smoothing out acne scars.

To get rid of an acne pimple fast (I have tried it on a huge inflamed pimple on my neck the other day) just mix 3 drops of jojoba oil with 2 drops of sweet orange. In my case, it was even more effective than using a lactic acid peel.

Due to its excellent tonic properties, it works great as a DIY face toner to keep acne at bay.


Due to the high content in d-limonene, studies have shown that sweet orange can protect skin cells from free radical damage and therefore skin aging. It works as an antioxidant.

I can tell you one thing. My slightly aging neck could not have been happier after using sweet orange on it. I mixed it with jojoba oil and there you have it, my anti-sagging, anti-aging oil. It doesn’t get rid of everything (for that you will also need some neck exercises) but improves the condition a lot. You can also mix it with your normal face cream.

Toenail Fungus

Sweet orange was also reported to stop the growth of several species of fungi and bacteria including the one that often causes toenail fungus and is called Fusariumoxysporum.

For a natural toenail fungus treatment, I find that thyme oil paired with sweet orange is quite powerful. I have yet to try oregano essential oil which is also said to be quite effective. Tea tree may work better at the earlier stages of the nail fungal infection.


Sweet orange is sometimes mentioned as an agent that has depigmenting properties and therefore can be used for hyperpigmentation or skin lightening/whitening. However, these properties have never been demonstrated.

Hair Growth

Studies have shown that this oil acts as a growth promoter. Using it for hair growth is an excellent way to promote healthy hair growth and shiny hair.

For a DIY hair growth oil recipe, add 12 drops of sweet orange and 12 drops of rosemary oil to 4 teaspoons of carrier oil. For dry hair, good base oils are coconut or avocado whereas, for oily hair, you will need a lighter base oil such as almond, jojoba, or grape seed.

Other Ways To Use Orange Oil

  • Knee Pain Rub: It can alleviate moderate and severe knee pain when combined with ginger.
  • Disinfecting Cleaner: For an all-purpose home cleaning spray, mix 1-2 teaspoons of orange oil with vodka and water (1:1 ratio). Add to a spray bottle and use to cut grease on kitchen countertops, stoves, and more.
  • Homemade body deodorant: Due to its deodorizing properties, orange makes a great natural deodorant.
  • Anti-Anxiety Relief: The smell of sweet orange decreases anxiety and improves the mood. Studies have shown that inhalation of this oil decreases oxyhemoglobin concentration in the right brain cortex and increases natural feelings of comfort and relaxation. You can inhale right from the bottle or diffuse it in the air.
  • Anti-Bug Repellent: It is potent against house flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. It can also be used for the control of subterranean termites
  • DIY Spa Bath: As a great oil for relaxation, can you think of anything better than mixing it in your bath for a spa-like experience? As essential oils can’t be diluted in plain water, you have to dilute it first to your bubble bath gel and then pour it in the hot water.
  • Beard Growth: If you have a patchy beard and you want to promote healthy beard growth, orange oil is a great natural alternative. Don’t use it directly on the beard but dilute it first with a base oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  • DIY Nail Oil: Due to its anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and skin healthy properties, orange is great for the nails and the skin around them.
  • Oily Skin Balancer: Blended with jojoba oil, sweet orange is useful for keeping oily skin more clear and balanced.

Best Orange Essential Oil

If you are looking for top quality orange oil, you can consider having a look at the following brands:

Plant Therapy Orange Sweet Orange Essential Oil – USDA Certified Organic

Benefits And Uses of Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Skin And Hair

Plant Therapy is a brand known for its pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Their sweet orange is extracted without heat and is free from pesticides and fillers. Its aroma is calming and uplifting and can be used for skin and hair with great success.

doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil

Benefits And Uses of Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Skin And Hair

This is one of the top-selling oils of doTERRA. It has purifying properties and an energizing aroma that uplifts the mind and body. Rich in antioxidants, it supports the immune system when it’s more vulnerable.

Sweet Orange Oil Side Effects

When applied to the skin, sweet orange may temporarily cause redness and a burning feeling which quickly subsides when the application is completed. If you experience persistent burning or stinging, rinse your face with cold water to soothe it.

Generally, keep away from the eyes, skin cuts, or irritated areas of your face.