7 Surprising Reasons For Pimples

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There are many reasons for pimples especially when you think that everything looks fine with your skin but here I will give you some reasons you may not have expected to be causing pimples and what to do so that you can prevent their appearance.

So, let’s see those surprising factors that can trigger pimples.

Αir conditioning

Whether it is cold or warm air what your air condition emits, it is sure that it dries out the air and therefore your skin.

If the levels of our skin’s natural oils get affected, then our skin is made to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture that appears on its surface.

More sebum means more oily complexion, clogged pores and therefore creation of pimples.

The Solution

What I do is always keep a small bowl filled with water in the room where the air condition is on. When the water evaporates, it increases the humidity in the air and this way the dryness diminishes.

Another method is to keep some plants in the room which add moisture to the air or have a fish tank. Room humidifiers is also a more expensive method but it is not always advisable due to health concerns and it is an expensive solution.

To keep your skin properly hydrated, drink enough water, consume fresh fruits and vegetables and moisturize your skin with an effective moisturizer.

Hot Shower

It feels quite relieving after a cold tiring day, but it is surely not what your skin needs to look healthy and glowing.

Hot water disrupts the natural oils of the skin and this can result in dehydration and trigger the appearance of pimples.

The Solution

We try to avoid hot water temperatures especially if we see our skin getting red. Still, as a precaution, it is always best to shower with warm water instead of very hot.

Excessive Use of Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care my idea is that it is not quantity that matters but quality. As most of the women, we have all experienced times when our cabinets are full of products that we sometimes don’t even use.

Loading our skin excessively with different products so that we check them out is not advisable if we want to avoid skin imbalances and reactions.

The first reason is that some of those products or samples that we randomly select are not probably of a very good quality, secondly our skin needs its time to get used to each product and see whether it is beneficial and not harmful to the skin and thirdly the excessive use of products can imbalance our skin’s natural state.

The Solution

Try to be conscious of what you apply on your skin. To succeed in that, you have to learn about good and bad ingredients.

Also, don’t fall for the misconception that whatever is brandable and very much advertised is good for your skin because every skin is different and also a lot of the more expensive products contain harmful chemicals.

Go for less products which you know that work well with your skin and don’t overstress your complexion by overloading it with new products all the time.

Waxing on Face

If you wax on face, you have to be very careful. Regular waxing can cause irritations to the hair follicle which can cause pimples.

The Solution

If you can’t avoid face waxing, just try to do it less often, like every 3 weeks for example, if it’s possible.

Makeup Tools

A lot of us tend to forget to keep our makeup tools properly cleansed but this can be a number one factor for the appearance of zits.

When you apply makeup on your face with a brush or a sponge, you pass it over different areas of your skin and this way the triggering factors of zits might be moving from one area to another.

Also, if you don’t often clean those tools , the residues of makeup and oil from your skin combined with the air and humidity cause bacteria to appear on the tools and then easily be transferred to the complexion.

The Solution

Depending on the use of those tools, you should cleanse them every once in a while with warm water and a gentle cleanser or some natural soap. Let them dry in a dry place and keep them properly covered afterwards.

Also, avoid using the same brush on areas that have been infected by pimples and areas of your face that are clear.


You might love your new hair bangs but keep in mind that the natural oils of your hair that get transferred to your forehead block the skin pores and can be responsible for those small zits that innocently enough appear on your forehead.

The Solution

Often shampooing your hair can help your skin stay away from those not welcomed skin visitors but when you are at home, remember to keep your hair away from falling on your forehead, especially if your hair is not so freshly washed.

Mobile Overuse

Have you ever noticed whether that side of your face which your mobile leans on seems to have more pimples? Then, this may be responsible for those zits.

The reason is that our hands are not always clean when we touch the mobile so the bacteria are transferred from the hands to the mobile’s surface and then onto your face.

The Solution

Often cleanse your mobile with some antiseptic tissues or some alcohol sprinkled tissue. Another alternative is to use your mobile’s headphones so that you avoid contact with your face.

In conclusion, those are some reasons for pimples which you may not have ever expected to be responsible for these disliked skin visitors and some ways to prevent and even get rid of them as soon as possible.