Surprising Facts About Castor Oil

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Castor Oil risks One of the things I enjoy about blogging is having the opportunity to find out really useful information about natural skin care products and their health benefits.

My latest discovery has been Castor Oil. One month ago, while looking for skincare products in a health store I saw a bottle of castor oil on a shelf.

I already knew that Castor oil was good for nourishing eyelashes but I knew nothing about its anti-aging skincare benefits.

After reading the bottle label which recommended that it was good for eye wrinkles, I could not resist but get a bottle.

Back home, I opened it and I was positively surprised. Its texture was thick and it looked like no other natural oil I have used before. I tried it on my face and especially the forehead for those fine lines and I was really impressed with the results.

Also, my skin felt deeply moisturized, soft, and elastic. A lot of people use Castor oil as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, but I have not tried it this way yet.

Today, Castor oil is one of my favorite natural oils for the skin but due to its thickish texture, I avoid using it in the Summer. Surprisingly, it does not cause any acne breakouts, which was a concern for me due to my blemish-prone skin, so here you have it: one more reason to love this amazing oil.

Castor oil is great for the skin, but there is one way you should never try using it, and this is by mouth. I would also avoid using it for oil pulling. Wondering why? What I read in Wikipedia was that Castor Oil has strong laxative properties.

During the Spanish Civil War, it was used as a torturing method by the Spanish Nationalists led by Francisco Franco, but it was also given to hospital patients to deteriorate their health condition since nobody would suspect that a natural oil could be responsible for diarrhea and some other negative side effects.

Castor oil can also be dangerous for pregnant women who are close to giving birth to their baby because if it is taken internally, it can accelerate labor.

All in all, Castor oil is an amazing skincare oil but it is highly recommended that you avoid taking it by mouth.

For topical use, here is a great quality castor oil brand that offers organic castor oil.

Organic castor oil

Is Castor Oil Good For Skin?

Love your skin? Then treat it with some antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids, that’s the key to glowing more youthful skin. Castor oil contains one of the two most powerful antioxidants, vitamin E.

Have you heard about the benefits of vitamin E before? It is great for dry skin and due to its natural antioxidant properties, it can be used for anti-aging. Face wrinkles and forehead fine lines become smoother while the ability of your skin to prevent the natural loss of moisture is strengthened.

This oil is also rich in omega fatty acids that boost collagen and make the skin barrier more resistant to oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution, bad diet, and other factors.

Castor Oil Benefits For Hair

Wondering whether castor oil is good for your hair? Forget about these pricey leave-in conditioners. Castor oil moisturizes and nourishes your hair naturally without that extra cost of hair treatment products.

It can also be beneficial as a scalp treatment to increase blood circulation and make the roots stronger, which prevents the hair from falling.

Finally, it is a great natural treatment for weak or broken eyelashes at a super affordable price.

Castor Oil Uses For Skin & Hair

Castor oil for eyelashesMy favorite skin use of castor oil is applying it at night and let it work its magic throughout the night. One reason is that since it has a thick texture, it is not so quickly absorbed. Also, since skin cell regeneration takes place during the night, I think that it’s a good way to provide my skin with some extra boost.

Castor oil is fortunately not comedogenic, otherwise, I would have a big problem. It doesn’t clog pores and therefore doesn’t cause acne breakouts. Some say that it’s also anti-microbial. I’ll take it since this helps with acne and oily skin.

I also love using it on my eyelashes for nourishment and strength – longer stronger eyelashes guaranteed!

One more use is on the hands. Winter cold temperatures or often washing hands are not good friends of the skin. Castor oil keeps them softer and the skin becomes more elastic and less dry. You may prefer to use this natural hand treatment at night though as castor oil is thick but wait: Have you tried mixing it with a less thick oil? Jojoba oil is my favorite.

When it comes to hair, castor oil, and especially Black Castor Oil can be used as a hair growth treatment or simply to give your hair more strength and nourishment. Since it is a thick oil, you only need a few drops of it. If I don’t have much time to do the whole all-over treatment, I mix a couple of drops with my shampoo.

It also works great for dry and curly hair. I would not recommend it for thin limp hair unless you use very little and then shampoo your hair so it doesn’t lose its volume. Some people claim that it can help with hair that turns grey prematurely.