Surprising Beauty Tips With Shea Butter

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Beauty tips with shea butterShea butter is one of my favourite skincare staples but it’s also one of those natural products that it always surprizes us with its many beauty purposes and uses.

Moreover, it’s a cost effective health and beauty product that you can easily find to buy.

So, let’s see some practical ways to enhance your beauty and health using shea butter.

    1. One of my favorite ways to use shea butter is to apply it on my lips for some deep moisturization, making them super soft and healthy looking especially during those colder or hotter months of the years that the lips become dry and even chapped.
    2. Mix it with a powder blush for some creamy color on the cheeks!
    3. Apply it to your lips for natural shiny looks.
    4. Mix it with your hair conditioner for deep hair hydration and nourishment.
    5. Use it to tame your unruly hair.
    6. At night, shea butter works as a deep hydrating mask!
    7. Before applying makeup, spread it on your eyelids to enhance the color and make your makeup last longer.
    8. Apply it on your cheeks for some extra shine and for highlighting them.
    9. Apply it on and around your lips to keep the color of your lipstick put and define the contour of your lips.
    10. Mix it with your cream or lotion for some extra moisturization.
    11. Save it for moisturizing your eyes’ area if you run out of an eye cream or serum.
    12. Use pure unrefined raw shea butter as an anti-aging balm since it helps in cell renewal and prevention of wrinkles’ appearance.
    13. Great for nails and cuticles to add shine to your nails and make the skin around them soft and super moisturized.
    14. Mix it with a little blush to create a super-moisturizing matte lipstick that does not stick.
    15. For fine hair, use it in the roots to add some volume.
    16. Apply on the eyelashes instead of your mascara for a more natural look.
    17. Comb your eyebrows using a small amount of it and keep your eyebrows tidy all day.
  1. Shea butter soothes dehydrated skin after over exposure to the sun.
  2. Keep a small amount of it in your bag on holidays as a multi-purpose beauty product.
  3. Apply before the body glitter to enhance its glow.
  4. Shea butter protects your skin from the harmful sun radiation as it provides sun protection.
  5. Apply it on your face before exposing your skin to the cold to protect it from dryness.
  6. If you are pregnant, spread it on your belly to prevent and reduce stretch marks!
  7. For some deep hydration, apply to your hands and feet before going to bed and for better results, put on some gloves or socks.
  8. Mix it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy a wonderful massage!
  9. Apply a thin layer of shea butter to the points you put perfume on so you can make it last longer.
  10. Use it on your bangs to keep it straight!
  11. Apply it over the nail polish to make it look glamorous.
  12. Tame flying hair.
  13. Apply a thin coat of it to soothe the irritation and burning sensation after shaving.
  14. Use 1-2 tablespoons of shea butter to enjoy a hot and extra moisturizing bath!
  15. Use it as a spa treatment for your feet. First scrub your feet, apply the shea butter and put on some socks to offer some deep hydration.
  16. Apply it after shaving to benefit from its soothing and softening properties.
  17. Use it on your hair to create some curls!
  18. Topically treat elbows, knees and feet, making them softer.
  19. Use it on your feet before exercising as the heat produced during exercise helps the shea butter get absorbed better and soften your feet.
  20. Apply to scars and burns to speed up their healing.
  21. Apply to mosquito bites to reduce itching.
  22. Apply to small cuts for some immediate relief as well as to prevent scarring.
  23. Use shea butter on the baby’s sensitive skin to prevent irritation.
  24. Put a little near the hairline before dyeing your hair to protect the skin.
  25. Use it to massage aching muscles and joints.
  26. Before you put your shoes on, apply it on your feet to prevent blisters.
  27. If you have a cold, spread a bit around your nose to restore cracked and peeled skin.

All in all, these were some effective tips to use shea butter for beauty purposes which makes it a really beneficial multi-purpose natural product for our beauty closet.

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