Summer Skincare Tips That Will Make Your skin Love Summer As Much As You!

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Summer holidays often make our skincare routine even more difficult to handle. So, what are those summer skincare tips that you need to bear in mind so that you don’t end up with a damaged, dehydrated or even vulnerable to breakouts skin?

For me that I have a combination skin, deep pore cleansing is a must during my Summer holidays and whenever of course I get the chance to have one.

Last week I had a short journey to the south to see some relatives. Unfortunately, I took neither my organic jojoba oil  nor rosehip seed oil with me which I use for balancing oiliness and preventing blemishes, so I came back with a few whiteheads and bumps. Oh well..that’s the thing with holidays.

If you don’t have enough space to carry your skincare stuff or you forget some basics, you end up with a skin that needs extra attention and care to recover.

So, when you are rushing to start your holidays, don’t forget to take a good quality cleanser and even a gentle exfoliator depending on the case.

For the Summer, a manuka honey facial cleanser can prevent breakouts, and cleanse your face without stripping its natural oils and providing you with a healthy looking complexion.

Still, the most handy cleanser you can have with you when on holidays is a Micellar Cleansing Water. It can remove impurities or makeup in the most gentle way and without drying out your skin. It is light and even suitable for sensitive types of skin.

Over exfoliating is also not advisable especially during the Summer months when your skin might be more exposed to the Sun.

Be careful with the use of Retin-A and of products containing alpha hydroxy acids like Ammonium Lactate Lotions, Lac Hydrin Lotions or Glycolic Acid Lotions which can increase your skin’s vulnerability to the Sun.

A general summer skincare tip is that when preparing for holidays, think beforehand which skincare products you absolutely need, what you can carry and where you can put it.

Products in big bottles won’t be the most suitable and you will end up leaving behind items you will anyway need for sure.

Another thing I was aware while away and I noticed when I came back was that my skin didn’t get proper moisturizing.

Rushing here and there, not taking enough sleep together with the sea salt dehydrating potency made my complexion look a bit dehydrated.

So, never neglect to put on your moisturizer and your SPF cream when outdoors. Pai Chamomile and Rosehip sensitive skin moisturizer is the right organic product to have with me while on holidays.

You can also carry few moisturizing masks for the moment you will get back home and after having your shower because believe me during summer holidays your skin can easily get dehydrated.

When on the beach and after you have enjoyed a nice swim, I most of the times refresh my face with a thermal water spray to prevent the Sun’s and salt’s dehydrating effects and give me a nice refreshing feel.

Avene Thermal Spring Water To Calm Redness

A sunscreen, a hat and minimized sun exposure will keep your skin more protected from the damaging sun rays and also more hydrated.

A certain amount of sun is of course needed because the sun triggers the creation of vitamin D, and also who can imagine summer holidays without sun which apart from its negative effects to our skin, it also has a lot of positive results to our general health.

If your skin gets red and as soon as you get back and have your shower, apply some cooling skincare mask or plain Greek yoghurt which will relieve the symptoms and give you a softer more replenished complexion.

In the case of over exposure to the Sun and not adequate Sun protection, read our after after sun skin care tips which will provide you also with some home recipes to deal with dehydration, redness and peeling of the skin or our easy DIY recipes for sun irritated skin.

Summer holidays are usually followed by less sleep and not proper diet. This can result in bags under eyes and dark circles. To treat those conditions quickly, you will need an effective cream for puffy eyes and dark circles with Matrixyl.

Aloe Vera gel soothing properties and a natural and organic vitamin E Oil can help your skin stay intact and healthy looking.

Ahh.. and whenever you want a quick snack, eat a few carrots. Carrot have vitanin A which is absolutely needed from your skin to stay more resistant to aging and with less wrinkles or fine lines.

After all these randomly written summer skincare tips for a better looking complexion, all there is for me to say is: Enjoy your Summer holidays and cleanse your head from all those thoughts and stresses of everyday life.

You surely deserve it and I hope you make the best use of your holidays!