Spring Skin Care: Part 2

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In my case but I suppose for a lot of others, too, Spring more than probably any other season gives us that urge to have a light, fresh and glowing skin.

That probably comes as an aftermath of the hibernation period during which cold and the lack of sun light makes us adopt a somewhat protective skin attitude.

While during Winter, we try to cover and protect all those exposed skin areas from extreme weather conditions, during Spring we just long for lifting up our head, close our eyes and drink up as much of those sunbeams as we can get.

Being able to put on as little makeup as possible is really great during Spring. For example, I was really glad that the other day I was able to go out without any sign of foundation on my face, not that I am a heavy foundation fan, anyway.

Still, don’t think that I have that perfect complexion which allows me to go out completely free of foundation. Let’s just say that my skin was feeling really calm and happy with the products I have been using lately, so if you take this feeling and you combine it with those wonderfully warm first sunbeams of the year, well.. the result can be that one forgets all about foundation.

So, let me give you some of my tips in making your skin feel calm and enjoy Spring at the fullest. When it has to do with a fresh looking face, exfoliation is the number 1. Exfoliating, of course doesn’t mean that you rob your skin off all its natural oils, making it dry and more vulnerable to aging but it is actually finding that quality product which will do the job effectively but gently.

For me, Pai kukui exfoliator is an organic product suitable for sensitive as well as any other type of skin. Its big advantage is that after exfoliating with it, you feel your skin perfectly smooth, clean, calm and glowing.

Of course, there are plenty of exfoliators that will be suitable for you, so you will need to do a bit of research before buying because exfoliating is a really important step in your skin care regimen.

Before exfoliating, you will of course need to cleanse first. Lately, I tend to think that a good cleanser can be even more important than a good moisturizer, so you can imagine what the combination of those two can do.

One of my favorite cleansers which I can highly recommend is Pai Camelia & Rose Gentle cleanser. Irrelevant to how my skin looks or feels, this cleanser has the ability to make it calm, clean, incredibly soft and glowing.

After cleansing and exfoliating, a mask can prove to be an excellent move to give you that extra nourishing coverage. Read carefully the ingredients of the mask and don’t compromise with the products quality.

You can remove the mask with a muslin cloth, giving a soft massage to your face and then splash with some cool water. After the mask, I love applying a natural oil like a rosehip oil, argan oil or castor oil which feels a bit heavier but is very effective with fine lines.

Natural oils are nourishing and conditioning and sometimes you can leave them on your skin without following up with a moisturizer. Still, moisturizing during the day is very much needed for your skin to be able to deal with the outside conditions.

During Spring, you will need a lighter moisturizer and you better go for one that is non-comedogenic, meaning not clogging the pores.

You also don’t need me to remind you what everyone is telling you, especially during those warmer days, that you must use a moisturizer with SPF. EltaMd skin care has a wide variety of sunscreens with different SPF and various skin needs to cover.

If Spring and the lack of need for some heavier makeup makes you less confident with your skin, then the help of vitamin C serum, a hyaluronic acid serum and an effective anti wrinkle cream can always be of a great help to you.

In conclusion, these were some Spring skin care tips which can give your complexion that extra boost it needs to look at its best.