Spring Skin Care: Part 1

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Spring symbolizes a lot of things and to many of us these different inspirations it triggers are often enough to make us start thinking of our everyday lives in ways which can call for some changes or let’s say rejuvenations.

The same can happen with our skin care. Spring is the perfect time to assess your skin care routine and see whether it needs a change because the truth is that new products come out, fascinating skin care discoveries from experts are publicized and new information is continually circulating in this ever changing skin care world.

Still, these are not probably the most important. For me, an equally if not more important gift you can offer to your skin is your internal well being because what is inside reflects on the outside as well.

So, this Spring instead of feeling stressed or becoming neurotic because of your aging lines or wrinkles, see things from a different angle.

Life is good and it surely becomes even better when you let your mind go free of all those negativities that hold you back.

So, go ahead.. give a good stretch to your body under that beautiful Sun and dive into a field of red poppies or yellow daisies (don’t tell me that you are not the least jealous of Kermit the Frog in that picture on the top..)

Take a long walk next to the seaside breathing the salty air, listen to your favorite song and just empty your head of all these unnecessary stresses that make your life more oppressed than you should have ever allowed it to be.

This is the end of the first part of the skin care Spring plan I am suggesting here (Spring is calling me out now..lol)

In the next part, I will give you some specific techniques with which you can rejuvenate your skin this Spring. Stay tuned..

Finally, let me share the song I have been listening to while writing this post because I love it the same way #springlovesTom