Smooth(ie) Talk!

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Last night while I was half lying on my very comfortable sofa I must admit, my one eye attracted to the TV screen and my other one to my laptop’s screen (how’s this possible?) I started reading an article on BBC about smoothies. (BBC/Magazine-24th October 2013)

Since we are living in the Golden Smoothies Era, I couldn’t stop myself from reading one more article about smoothies but not a smoothie recipe this time.

Nowadays, everyone is saying how healthy smoothies are but this article had a different approach.

What I found out was quite interesting! The research mentioned in the article was done on 52 commercial smoothies and the results showed that 41 of those contained more sugar and all of them more calories than a can of coca cola.

The fact is that by the time one peels off the fruit and mashes the fiber, lots of the health benefits are lost. So, what you get is a sugary drink especially since in a smoothie recipe  people tend to use sweet fruits like bananas in order to make them tastier.

Sugary drinks increase the level of insulin in the body which is very risky if the levels of insulin are persistently high. So, the researchers say that lots of valuable nutrients such as antioxidant vitamins and fiber are either lost or decreased when you make a smoothie or a juice.

Eating plain fruits can be healthier for our skin but also protect us from an unwanted increase in sugar level. So, how does the increase in sugar levels connect to skin care? Let me explain what I have found out.

When we consume very sweet foods, the pancreas produces extra insulin to keep the sugar levels in our blood down. In turn, insulin gives a signal to the sebaceous glands to produce an oily substance (called sebum) which the skin uses to lubricate itself.

Normal quantities of oil are good because this is how our skin gets lubricated but when excessive oil is produced, it can clog the pores, cause breakouts and even skin inflammation.

Maybe the answer to the smoothies negative effects is to avoid using very sweet fruits or not consuming them so often since they don’t seem to be so innocent for our skin as well as general health.

And what about you? Are you a smoothie lover or not?