Skincare Precaution Tips for A Safe Summer Holiday

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Summer sunsetSummer holidays are fun and relaxing but they can be unbalancing to your skin as well. For starters, a lot of hours traveling by plane can affect your skin’s hydration levels and obviously cause some skin fatigue or puffiness if your sleep circle gets affected or if you have a jet lag.

All those traveling conditions which differ a lot to the daily routine that your body is used to can affect its functions including your hormones. If your hormones get disrupted, oiliness or dryness on some parts of your skin might appear.

When we are on holidays, the fact is that our skin care routine cannot be so satisfactory as the one we have when at home because of various factors such as the different day schedule or even no schedule that we follow, probably less sleep, more hanging around and less quality food.

All of the above together with the fact that a lot of people spend their time skin grilling on a beach during those hours that are not so safe for the skin and you can get an idea of how tiring and even dangerous for the skin a Summer Holiday can be.

Fortunately for our skin but unfortunately for us though, Summer holidays don’t last for ever although one positive consequence for our skin when we are on holidays is that we relax and have a nice time so that reflects to our skin´s appearance positively.

So, what are those tips that can helps us while being on holidays or even while preparing for them to protect our skin beauty and health better?

Organizing beforehand and not at the last minute which skin care products you can´t do without during your Summer holiday will surely make your skin holiday more comfortable and safe.

Organizing is surely a ‘must’ if you keep into consideration that wherever you are going, you are most probably not going to find what you need especially when it has to do with natural and organic products which you either buy online or from special health shops.

Summer sunsetSo, think about which products you surely need and if you don´t have so much space, try to find some travel sizes of the items you use and not of those ones that you have handy since trying out new products when already on holiday might result into unpleasant surprises.

Transfer products into smaller jars if possible, following all hygienic rules so that your products’ safety and potency stays intact. The best of course is to keep them in their bottles if their size is appropriate.

Also, if there are any medicinal or therapeutic skin care products which you must regularly use, remember to take them with you. If you are dealing with a specific skin issue like oiliness, dryness or prone to blemishes skin, keep in mind to take those skincare staples which keep your skin balanced and adequately moisturized.

For younger ages, don´t forget to have with you a good cleanser, a moisturizer and maybe, if needed, an eye product while for older ages your anti aging and moisturizing cream, a serum, a nice cleansing product and surely your eye gel or cream could be enough.

Serums or natural oils, depending on their function, can also boost your Summer skin holiday although you have to be careful with packaging to avoid any leakage.

In my case, what I can´t do without while on Summer holiday and depending on the time I will be away is obviously a good sunscreen for the face, Pai Organic Cleanser which keeps my skin balanced, calm, soft and clear, a moisturizer, a vitamin C serum and an effective eye gel to keep my eyes properly hydrated and resistant to eye fatigue and wrinkles. This year, I also got my Pai rosehip oil with me which keeps my skin elastic, calm and more protected.

For my body, I choose a refreshing light body lotion as well as a pure whipped shea butter for those dry areas that need extra moisturization and healing from the Sun´s effect on the skin. I also sometimes take with me a body moisturizer with light anti aging properties.

So, this Summer and if you are one of the lucky ones to have a vacation, think about your skin before you start packing to make a good choice of the skin care products you need to have with you so that your skin will enjoy those holidays as much as you.

And one last piece of advice.. try not t overdo it with your sunbathing and take all necessary precautions. For more information, you can read our Summer skincare tips as well as our after sun skincare guidelines.

Finally, together with wishing you a wonderful Summer Holiday the way you want or like it to be, I am posting above a couple of Summer photos I have taken with my mobile to remind you of how wonderful Summer beach sunsets can be!