September-The Month Of Natural Oils

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It’s September and for most of us this month equals certain changes we have to make in our daily routine as well as in our skincare routine.

Depending on how cruel the sun, sea salt and different habits have been for my skin, every September it has to complain and that means dryness on specific parts of my body as well as itchiness.

These symptoms that appear may be because of lack of adequate moisturization or also because of a diet which hasn’t been so rich in necessary nutrients.

That’s how September has become the month of natural oils for me since in my case they work quite well in moisturizing my skin naturally and making it supple and soft.

The results appear immediately after application and I just love how they help me to replenish moisture as well as get rid of dryness and itchiness in this time of year.

So, let me give you an idea which natural oils help me. For dry skin and itchiness almond oil is very effective. Some years ago when I used to have that persisting itchiness on some body areas and I started getting more suspicious about what was causing it, almond oil became my saviour.

For dryness and itchiness, I know now that organic almond oil is always a trustworthy solution but avocado oil is also very popular for the same purpose.

Lately, I have also started using organic Aloe Vera oil after my shower and I am quite happy with the results. It keeps my skin moisturized for hours after application and even without using a body lotion afterwards. It also makes it softer and smoother.

For my face skin I never run out of my favorite jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Argan oil and Castor oil which I am using all months of the year with no exception.

A natural oil that I haven’t yet tried it out on its own yet but as a basic ingredient in a face serum is Pomegranate oil which is great for making your skin more firm and elastic.

For some great options of this antioxidant anti aging natural oil, you can read our review on the best Pomegranate See Oils.

In conclusion, natural oils have always been part of my daily natural skin care routine but in September I feel that my skin needs them even more.