Raw Shea Butter Uses For Skin

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Raw shea butter uses for skin are virtually numerous but in the present article I will elaborate more on some of those uses.

Shea butter has long been appreciated in Africa for both its skin healing and moisturizing properties. It derives from a nut tree which is called the Karite tree, meaning the tree of life.

Each Summer the tree produces a fruit the size of a plum which takes a green orange color once it ripens.

The seed of the fruit tastes very sweet and this is the one that African women select and use to make shea butter with their own hands.

Eventually, the seed becomes a beige colored butter with a characteristic smell which some people love because it is only but natural and others find a bit weird.

To me, shea butter’s essence is very similar to the one of the olive nut although soon after application it starts fading away and completely vanishes after few minutes.

Shea Butter’s quality can vary according to its age, method of production and environmental conditions of preserving it after preparation.

So, let’s see now some of those raw shea butter uses which make it an attractive option for both men’s and women’s skin care.

Can We Use Raw Shea Butter As A Moisturizer?

Shea Butter is a unique natural product which has both moisturizing and healing properties.

The moisturizing properties account for more than 90% which means that it has all the necessary nutrients to be used as a moisturizer.

The ingredients which give shea butter its moisturizing properties are fatty acids, the so called Stearic and Oleic Acids. Other acids contained are palmidic, linoleic and arachidic acids.

According to the American Shea Butter Institute, clinical studies have shown that it can transform the skin is as little as 46 weeks of regular use, making it softer and smoother with a more uniform tone.

Shea butter is absorbed fast, keeping the moisture inside the skin longer and deeper.

The skin gets moisturized and more elastic, being protected from external deteriorating factors such as sun damage, air pollution and smoking.

A lot of people also review it is very effective with puffy eyes and dark circles which make it a beneficial and cost effective natural ingredient for the eyes area as well.

Is Raw Shea Butter Good For Wrinkles And Fine Lines?

Raw and unrefined shea Butter can be good for wrinkles due to its less than 10% healing properties but it needs between 4 to 6 weeks of daily use for you to see some results.

How positive the results can be relating to the reduction of wrinkles also depend on its grade since different varieties of raw shea butter are graded as class A, B, C and F. Class A accounts for excellent quality and F for a poor one.

A shea butter that is old, has been extracted with the use of chemicals or has been added color has lost a lot of its important nutrients and is not going to be effective enough with wrinkles. In this case the more natural and pure raw shea butter is, the higher quality, strength and effectiveness you will get.

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The ingredients of shea butter which help the skin deal with wrinkles are vitamins A and E as well as Catechins which according to Wikipedia are phenolic substances that are also contained in green tea. The latter ones serve as anti aging agents, fighting the free radicals and giving firming and regenerative benefits to the skin.

Vitamins A and E are well known anti wrinkle vitamins which when combined together, they can reverse aging signs even more and heal already existing ones.

Still, as we have said, don’t expect immediate results with your wrinkles. The treating of them will come gradually since natural products do not work aggressively but in synergy with your skin.

People also review raw shea butter as very useful when dealing with fine lines and smile lines with some people using it on the neck area as well, getting positive results. You can read more about the pros and cons of raw shea butter based on people’s reviews.

Can Raw Shea Butter Be Useful For Dry Skin?

Because of the moisturizing and healing benefits of raw shea butter, it can be excellent for dry skin. A lot of people with dry skin review that it has helped them a lot with their dry skin issues without feeling it greasy at all.

It is very moisturizing, keeps the moisture in even under extreme conditions such as cold weather or air conditioning and relieves itchiness. Because of all the beneficial nutrients which contains and we have mentioned before it makes dry skin more even and less sensitive, improving its whole appearance and texture.

You can use it both on dry areas of your face and body and also mix it with a carrier oil of your own preference to make its use even more suitable and beneficial. Shea Butter hand creams is also a great choice to deal with dry skin during those colder winter months.

Are People’s Reviews Positive As to The Use Of Shea Butter For Stretch Marks?

Apart from the raw shea butter uses we have mentioned above, this natural product is also reviewed excellent by pregnant women relating to its ability to prevent and heal stretch marks.

As we have said before, because of its 10% healing qualities, shea butter can be perfect for minor skin ailments.

Women users mention that it makes their skin feel less stretched, more healthy and soft. One reviewer specifically mentioned that her stretch marks were too visible but after using raw shea butter, their color changed from a deep purple to a lighter one which shows how effective it can be.

For stretch mark treatment tips, you can read our article on how to prevent and deal with stretch marks naturally.

Still, raw shea butter’s healing power depends on a number of factors such as the grade, method of extracting and processing as well as freshness of the final product.

Relating to the age, it is said that it should be used within 18 months after the date of extraction. This means that when shea butter gets old, it might not be able to be effective enough with your stretch marks.

These were some of the raw shea butter uses for skin. It’s really impressive how many different uses this natural product can have but even more impressive is how a tree nut can benefit so much women’s living conditions in Africa. Maybe for this reason the shea butter tree has been named as the tree of life and there is no doubt that it really is.