Pure Natural And Organic Vitamin E Oil Review

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Writing a review about natural oils such as in this case a 100% natural, organic and handmade vitamin E oil is a pleasure for me because by now you may already have realized my fondness for good quality and free of harmful chemicals natural skin care products.

Vitamin E has been for some years now part of my skin care routine every once in a while and in the form of capsules.

Still, vitamin E coming from the capsules is not easily applied since it is too dense, it doesn’t get absorbed nicely and it doesn’t give a comfortable feeling to apply just on its own.

So, to benefit from the anti aging, healing and moisturizing power of vitamin E, people need a good vitamin e oil.

The problem with a lot of these vitamin E oil products on the market today is that synthetic fillers and other harmful chemicals are added to their formulas which can cause irritation, be harmful for the skin as well as minimize the actual potency of vitamin E.

In some cases, synthetic vitamin E is used in the products which is a lot less effective than the natural vitamin E so that the cost of the product is kept low.

So, when I bumped into this natural vitamin E oil made by Health Priority Natural Products, I seized the opportunity to talk to you about this pure anti aging vitamin oil which is handmade and free of any cheap synthetic fillers or preservatives.

But first let’s see some of the product’s features:

100% Natural and organic Vitamin E oil.

Contains organic natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol.)

Professional Grade Handmade Non sticky oil.

Non GMO, non SMO and soy bean free.

Cruelty free.

Paraben and alcohol free.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Free Report with the 8 Ingredients that can damage your skin.

Made in the USA.

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Producer’s Claims

Containing natural vitamin E, this oil has double the power of a synthetic vitamin E oil and works faster to give you obvious results.

The benefits this vitamin E oil can give you is reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, fading of dark spots and dark circles under eyes, healing of damaged skin, moisturization, improved skin tone and texture, and in general make your complexion look more youthful.

According to the producer’s claims, the fact that the vitamin oil is infused with organic jojoba, avocado and rice bran oils prevents the product from becoming too thick and sticky and allows for better absorption.

Also, the above ingredients as well as other components such as organic lavender oil and palmarosa oil provide additional nourishing, healing, anti inflammatory and calming benefits that all together promote a healthier looking skin.

The fact that their oil is handmade gives them the right to claim freshness and obviously extra effectiveness for their product.

Product Ingredients

The only ingredients contained in this product are the following: Organic Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) Oil, Organic Rice Bran Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil.

How To Use

Apply 4 to 5 drops on face, chest and neck. From my own experience, using vitamin E on chest wrinkles apart from the face and neck has been working quite good in preventing and smoothing them out.

What do Reviews about this 100% Organic Vitamin E Oil say?

Users seem to be very satisfied that they have found this 100% pure vitamin E oil after having used other synthetic vitamin E products that didn’t seem to give them the results they needed.

After digging into reviews for this product, the only part which users seemed to have a different feeling was its consistency.

Although most of them liked the fact that it absorbs very quickly and goes on smooth, few others thought that it needed a little time to get fully absorbed. The latter ones also felt that applying it on damp face really helped its application.

To this, I would say that giving time to an oil to get fully absorbed applies to most of the natural oils although some oils get absorbed quicker than others.

Still, the fact that this oil contains jojoba oil, which matches the natural oils of the skin and is one of my favorite for my prone to blemishes complexion, helps the oil to be not too thick.

Also, there were women saying that they even wear makeup over it with no problem.

So, let’s see what users love in this product:

  • Reduction in Wrinkles and Fine Lines– A lot of users have reported how this natural vitamin oil has helped in reducing the depth of their wrinkles and for some making them disappear day by day. People have also seen their fine lines getting vanished.
  • Good results with Crow’s Feet and Eye Lines– From people’s feedback, it seems that not only face wrinkles but also eye lines are fading away and crow’s feet appearance is becoming a lot better. And all this without any burning sensation that is experienced with some other eye products.
  • No Breakouts– Not only has not this product triggered any breakouts but there are users claiming that it actually helped them have a more clear and beautiful complexion.
  • Very Moisturizing– People are pleased with how moisturizing this all natural vitamin e oil is, helping some of them to deal with dry spots.
  • Softer Skin– A softer, healthier and more toned skin is also reported by people.
  • Scars Healer– There were also few users who have mentioned great results with hand scars. Actually there are also some others that admit using this E oil on their hands and nails.
  • Great with Stretch Marks– Vitamin E is commonly known to help with stretch marks and in the case of this product, there were reports of great results relating to post pregnancy stretch marks.

My Conclusion

For me, a pure natural vitamin E oil is a much needed product in my skin care routine and can be used in combination with a vitamin C serum.

Since vitamin C is also a well known anti aging ingredient but can be a bit drying to the skin, a good vitamin E oil can balance those possible negative effects of vitamin C and give you a more complete skin health and beauty solution.

This handmade 100% natural and organic vitamin E Oil by Health Priority Natural Products seems to be gathering lots of positives as we have analyzed before and can make an excellent choice for an E oil.

All this backed by a 30 day money back guarantee which grows more confidence on the product.