Post Holiday Skin Accidents And Other Surprises!

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Along with many things I didn’t expect to happen after I had returned from my holidays safe and sound this year was to be welcomed with a bite! Luckily enough, a bite not deriving from a blood thirsty vampire but I suppose from an equally blood thirsty, most probably, insect.

I say probably, because I didn’t realize which living being was responsible for that bite. The results were all but pleasing. Swollen arm at the back, itchiness, small bumps, a spreading rash with a yellowish looking smaller area in the center of it.

The strange thing was that I didn’t feel the itchiness immediately and in fact the symptoms got more intense as the time was passing.

At the time I discovered the bite and felt the irritation on my skin, I thought of using some vinegar on the affected area which I think I had heard that is good for insect bites but, unfortunately, it didn’t do much. Then, luckily, I remembered about Arnica Oil.

Insect biteI don’t know if you know about Arnica oil but it is an oil derived from a daisy. I had heard that Arnica is used in homeopathy in topical ointments and creams to relieve pain.

So, as soon as I thought about it, I rushed to my bathroom’s cabinet and was lucky to find one Arnica Oil sample.

I had never used arnica before and, honestly, didn’t expect to ever use it since I wasn’t so familiar with its benefits and uses but at that time I believed something good would come out of using it.

I was right since I felt such a relief from itchiness as soon as I applied it on the skin that I was really surprised.

From what I was able to read in Wikipedia and WebMD afterwards, arnica is used for muscle aches, wounds and inflammation. When you apply it to the skin, it decreases swelling and pain, which is something that was experienced in my case as well.

It was also very interesting to find out that arnica is used on the skin for the treatment of acne, rashes and boils. Still, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is better to avoid it until you take some professional advice.

Weleda Arnica OilIf you are interested in having a look, the Arnica I have been using is Weleda Arnica Massage oil but there are other brands available as well.

In my case, I combined arnica with aloe vera oil which I discovered online that it can also help with insect bites and wanted to see whether it would be helpful.

After I apply aloe vera as well as arnica oil, I have found that spraying the affected area with a pure rose water toner gives me a cooling and soothing effect which helps relieve my itchiness a lot more.

Two days after, while my bite is slowly but steadily getting better, I had another accident. While cleaning a fish I wanted to cook, I got a thorn in my finger which made it bleed.

I suppose you can guess what happened next. Of course, you guessed it right. Since I had it handy, I used arnica once again since it is great for wounds as well. For cuts and wounds, I have also used rosehip oil with great results.

After that, I am done with accidents, I want need any more, thank you, especially during my post holiday period.

All in all, there were two conclusions to be drawn by my latest skin adventures. One is that even if you return safe and sound from the most adventurous holiday, you never know what is expecting for you when you come back and second is that the natural pharmacy always surprises me with its multiple solutions and alternatives in a wide range of skin issues, problems or even, let’s say, minor skin accidents.