How Can Pomegranate Oil Benefit Your Skin?

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Pomegranate seed oil benefits for skin

Pomegranate oil benefits for skin may not be so well known among natural oil users as the benefits of other natural oils, but for me pomegranate oil is a real skin stimulant.

It has anti microbial, anti inflammatory and healing properties which make it valuable for skin health.

In terms of anti-aging, is is tightening and firming to the skin.

The pomegranate fruit is also one of my favorites.

It has a hard shiny skin which hides the most delicious pearl looking sweet and sour seeds which are full of valuable antioxidants.

Pomegranate Oil for Aging and Wrinkles

Pomegranate oil is rich in powerful antioxidants which fight the free radicals that are responsible for aging and other health diseases.

It is also rich in vitamins A, C, E and K which are vital for the skin’s fighting wrinkles and staying young and elastic for as long as possible.

Vitamin C boosts collagen and if you also eat a pomegranate every day, you cover 40% of the daily needs of an adult for vitamin C and 25% of the needs for folic acid.

According to Wikipedia, pomegranate contains 3 different antioxidants which are tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. Its antioxidant efficiency is 3 times higher than the one of the red wine or green tea.

Pomegranate and various kinds of berries contain the most powerful antioxidants relating to 25 other fruits that have been examined. It also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, Β3 and other valuable ingredients for the skin.

Pomegranate Oil As A Moisturizer

Pomegranate Oil can be used both on face and body. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes effectively all types of skin.


It can also be effective at moisturizing oily and combination types of skin.

For this reason, it is widely used by acne sufferers since it serves as an anti microbial healing and moisturizing natural oil.

It is also very nourishing and revitalizing for dry types of skin and other skin conditions such as psoriasis and sunburned skin.

Eczema sufferers can benefit widely from its moisturizing properties. It gives excellent results towards  firming of the skin but also minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

It boosts skin’s elasticity and regenerates skin cells while also regulating moisture balance. It makes skin smooth and soft, nourishing and giving it a healthy glow.

Why Organic Pomegranate Oil?

Organic natural oils are pure oils which are always safer and more effective to use. Pomegranate oil like any other carrier oil can be applied directly to the skin. I love using it at night before applying my night moisturizer.

Weleda Pomegranate Oil is a natural oil made by a German skin care company specializing for years now in biodynamic skin care products. Their pomegranate oil gathers great reviews from buyers.

Having been using their Pomegranate firming face serum for years, I can say that it is really a quality natural skin care product.

For more options of Pomegranate Seed Oil, you can read our review on the best Pomegranate Oil for skin and hair care.

In conclusion, these were some of the benefits of pomegranate oil for skin based on people’s reviews and my personal experience which makes it one of my favorite natural oils.