My Personal Skin Memories From Christmas Holidays 2014

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Almost one month after Christmas and New Year’s day celebrations, my mind goes back to those days when my skin wasn’t actually participating in the festivity and joyfulness of those moments.

So, here while wishing you the best for 2015, I will be sharing a few of my latest personal skin memories to finally understand: “Does my skin like celebration days?’

Generally talking, I think that whatever change we do in our life habits whether it has to do with food, extra working, traveling or any other, it can affect our skin positively or negatively, so always keep in mind that the way your skin’s looks and feels links directly to your own life patterns.

One skin memory I have from this year’s Christmas holidays was the one on the second day of Christmas. As I have a sweet tooth, all those days even before Christmas have been quite tempting, with me having no difficulty indulging in the pleasure of sweets that were springing up everywhere those days.

A real torture I would say, up to the point I finally realized and said to myself:” This has to stop because.. I have to be ready for New Year’s day sweets, too.”

Well, I think my skin was following closely all those thoughts and actions from some inner headquarters but wasn’t really reacting up to the point that when during that holiday evening I was trying to write for my blog, I suddenly felt like something popping up on the top of my upper lip.

“Surprise!! I am a whitehead!” the whitehead introduced itself but still, I was so engrossed on trying to go on with my writing that I didn’t pay much attention to its presence.

The bad thing was that I don’t know why but I kept on putting my finger on the whitehead like not believing It was there.

At some point, when I finally understood that this whitehead was not a creation of my mind and that it seemed insistent, I started putting pressure on it, spontaneously thinking that it might be afraid and go 🙂 What an illusion! Not only didn’t it go away but it also transformed from a tiny whitehead to a “mamma mia” whitehead.

The only thing I can appreciate from my attitude at that time was my devotion to writing which the whitehead was also able to appreciate since it was first class seated in front of my laptop’s screen.

So, a few days passed with my medium sized now whitehead still following me everywhere I went and with me not doing anything to get rid of it. On the third day after its appearance I used Pai Organic Cleanser to cleanse my face which I had received a few days ago and from the first moment I started using it, I got completely hooked to it. The cleanser made the outside of the whitehead so soft that its pus started leaking.

When u see something like that happening, you shouldn’t try to take everything out but you should pat it dry with a tissue and then leave it heal while also applying something to accelerate healing.

But impatiently I did the wrong thing, I pulled it completely and it started bleeding which is not good because if it bleeds, it takes more time to heal and you may have a mark there for longer till it completely heals.

Also, when you pull the whitehead like that, it will form again and will take again longer to go away. In my case, what I thought to do and had not done before was to use some drops of my Pai Rosehip Oil which I knew was good for blemishes but had never used it before topically on a whitehead.

I had gotten so used to feeling that the whitehead was there whenever I was putting my finger on those days that when few hours after the rosehip application I didn’t feel any bump on that upper lip, I was totally amazed.

I went to the bathroom mirror and there was no sign of the whitehead (so long whitehead!) but just a slight redness which vanished completely after 2 days. I was also glad that I was able to get rid of it without any medicinal lotions or creams with dubious ingredients but just using a safe natural product like organic rosehip oil.

Apart from my Pai rosehip Oil review, you can also read reviews on Sukin Rosehip Oil. Thinking about it now, I didn’t even have the chance to say bye bye to my whitehead. 🙂

So, these were my skin memories from this year’s Christmas holidays during which I was also able to try out some new products and enjoy the luxury of my free time.