My Guide On Taking Care Of Afro Curly, Wavy And Thick Hair

Taking care of your hair properly to make it look the best no matter what your type of hair is, looks like a good way to keep it looking healthy and pretty.

In this guide, I have some easy basic tips for you to style and take care of different types of hair like afro curly, wavy and thick hair.

So, if your hair type is one of the above, here’s some tip top advice for your hair to look at their best.

How to Take Care of Afro Curly Hair

For some women afro curly hair looks like a doom and they are dreaming of shiny straight hair but for others it is just a blessing. In this case, it seems that we have an example of the saying which says that we dream of what we don’t have.

So, if you have afro curly hair and you dream of straight, think that there are women who dream of having your type of hair and let’s have a look at some easy tips to make it look fantastic.

Hair Cutting Tips

In the case of afro curly hair, obviously the volume is not an issue, so when you have your hair cut, you should avoid straight lines and styles that are geometrically balanced because you can end up looking like a “mushroom” or a “pyramid.”

Having curly hair cut into different layers will show the volume of the hair better balanced. Also, that way, the curls will show more and have better shape. If you have a lot of hair or it is thick, you can ask your hair dresser to space it with a special pair of scissors.

Styling Afro Curly Hair

Intense moisturization is more than needed in afro curly hair. It is the only way to avoid frizzing and keep the curls good looking.

Use a good shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for curly hair and a restorative hair mask 2-3 times per week. You can also replace the conditioner with a two minute mask.

For more manageable and tangle free hair, our article on the best shampoo for natural hair reviews, should be useful to you.

In the case of very dry hair, something that will help is a hair leave in conditioner or cream.

If the curls lose their shape and until you have a wash, spray your hair with a conditioning spray or apply a mousse that is appropriate for curly hair.

Is Blowing Out Good for Afro Curly Hair?

The answer is no, so try to avoid as much as possible blowing out and let it air dry. If you have to use a hair dryer, don’t put on the maximum speed and power.

How to Take Care of Wavy or Thick Hair

This is supposed to be the “easiest” type of hair. It has volume, we can give it whatever shape we want and it is quite strong.

So, we don’t have a difficulty in finding a nice hair style cut as long as we cut the ends every two months to avoid the ends of the hair split up or use a special product to prevent it.

For nice looking wavy hair, you can have them cut a little into different layers.

Styling Wavy and Thick Hair

Special hydration is also needed in this hair type to avoid frizzing. Leave in hair products are ideal for this case because they are very practical and take care of the hair all the time.

Excellent natural products for curly and wavy hair are argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, raw shea butter and whipped shea butter.

They nourish the hair while making it softer and protecting it from external conditions.

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To Blow Out Or Not to Blow Out Wavy Hair?

In the case of wavy hair as with afro curly hair, avoid hair drying. Still, if you cannot do that, use hair styling products that protect your hair from the heat.

In conclusion, these were some easy and useful tips to take care of afro curly, wavy and thick hair which can give you some basic idea of how to protect it and make the best of your hair look.