My Christmas Skin Care Ritual And Best Wishes For The New Year!

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Christmas skin careSo, everything is ready for celebrating Christmas with your family and friends but what about your skin?

Does it look as glowing, healthy and clear as you would like it to be or stubborn bumps don’t seem to go away and zits pop up at the last minute?

It is a fact that these festive days go together with some smaller or bigger amounts of stress which can be a triggering factor for different types of blemishes.

Also, because we are so busy these days doing a lot of different things, we neglect our skin care including exfoliation and this can result in clogged pores and blemishes.

Unfortunately, when we realize it, it is a bit late and this might load us with even more stress. So, during these holidays and while you have a little time, don’t forget to take care of your skin properly.

After all, the Christmas message is all about giving and that is what you should do for your skin as well, give it some extra pampering and care. Thus, while it is still time, take some time to relax and unwind.

Think of all the good things that fill you up with positivity and while doing that, you can also apply a wonderful cleansing or moisturizing mask on your face. If you want to prevent blemishes, you can go for a cleansing mask and if your skin lacks hydration, the best choice is a moisturizing and nourishing face mask.

My favorite skin pampering ritual is to start with a gentle cleanser that cleanses my skin and at the same time calms and keeps it moisturized. After that, it is time for a gentle exfoliator that I massage softly on my skin, revealing a soft and smooth complexion without bumps when I rinse off.

A suitable mask will just extend my skin calming experience and will give my skin important nutrients to make it look more vibrant and glowing. One of the things I love applying after rinsing off my mask and spraying a bit of thermal water or any other natural toner I like on my face, is some drops of rosehip oil which make my skin instantly calm and happy.

Of course, I finish off with a nice moisturizer and an eye cream. These days that I stay more at home and have a little extra time to indulge in skincare pampering, I love trying out new skincare samples.

For example, today, I want to try out a sample of Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil which is a combination of different wonderful natural oils with rosemary extract, coconut oil extract and natural vitamin E.

Another piece of advice I have for you if you have a prone to blemishes skin like mine is to be careful with your diet this period. Try to avoid foods that you know they can trigger breakouts and go for more clear skin foods.

Lately, I have discovered that the milk I am drinking, although it is organic, triggers those bumps that I often get on the sides of my forehead. I realized that by replacing milk with coconut milk for some days during which my bumps have disappeared.

I still need some time to decide how I can better integrate coconut oil in my dieatary routine but the fist signs I have experienced by cutting off milk and replacing it with coconut milk are very positive regarding my skin’s clarity.

It is really quite impressive how with just a simple dietary change, you can make your skin more clear and glowing. For more tips, you can read our clear skin secrets.

In conclusion, if you want your skin to be glowing and ready for these festive days, spend some time on taking care of it and not at the last minute while also being careful with your diet.

Finally, my wish to you for the New Year is to have a nice balance between what you give and what you get from others this year.

All my love and best wishes for good general as well as skin care health.

See you Next Year 😉