Why I chose To Review Mario Badescu Acne Drying Lotion

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Mario Badescu Acne Drying Lotion Mario Badescu Acne Drying Lotion seems like a very useful product to use at those times that you want a quick solution to shrink whiteheads quickly and, actually, according to the company’s claims, even overnight.

It is a fact that whiteheads can appear at any time but usually I get them when I don’t stick to my everyday cleansing routine because I am on the go and do not have all my skin care essentials with me or I don’t have enough time to follow my cleansing routine faithfully.

During those times, the pores get blocked and that’s how whiteheads appear. Another factor that can trigger acne breakouts´ appearance is an unbalanced diet that is rich in sugar and poor in essential nutrients.

Whatever the reason for those breakouts is, Mario Badesco pimple drying lotion looks like a handy product to have in the first place. But does this product really deliver and at what cost?

Further on, we will talk about its pros and cons, but first let’s see the company´s claims about this product.

Product Claims

  • Fast acting acne spot treatment.
  • Dries out blemishes.
  • Prevents acne spreading.
  • Balances oil in the skin.
  • Effective and safe for all skin types but mainly designed for troubled complexions.

What I like about this product

  • It contains Saliclylic Acid, a BHA acid which is effective at penetrating the skin deeply and not just exfoliating the outer layer of the skin.
  • Zinc Oxide is known to be a good ingredient for skin oiliness as well as acne and also works as a UVA and UVB natural sunscreen protector, preventing burns and photo-aging.
  • Calamine is an ingredient that has skin protecting and soothing properties while camphor is good for reducing skin itchiness.
  • Titanium Dioxide is a UV filter.
  • The product is contained in a glass bottle.

What I don’t like

  • It contains Isopropyl Alcohol, a form of alcohol that can cause dryness and irritate the skin. This type of alcohol is not included in those healthy forms of alcohol that respect the natural barrier of the skin and its ability to retain moisture. Although the quick spot drying effect this type of alcohol can offer temporarily seems like beneficial for oily and acne prone skin, its long term effects for the skin are not equally positive.
  • It also contains Talc which is used for keeping the skin dry but it is one of those controversial ingredients that one needs to dig deeper for information and discover whether this ingredient is safe for the skin since there are both positive and negative reports.

What do User Reviews say?

  • Very good for spot treatment.
  • Some people find that Mario Badescu pink lotion works for cystic acne as well as regular acne.
  • Prevents blemishes.
  • It may not work as fast as claimed (just overnight) but, according to most users, it does work.
  • Can stop itchy rashes.
  • Few users have felt that their face got too dry and that it feels burning to the skin.

Precaution Tips

You should not shake this pink drying lotion but wait for the pink sediment to settle and then dip a q-tip or a cotton swab into the pink sediment. Also, keep away from the eyes´ area.


Mario Badescu Acne Drying Lotion

While for most users, Mario Badesscu spot drying lotion has proven effective, for few others, it hasn´t helped much or didn´t suit their skin.

The ingredients that this product contains can help in drying out those blemishes but, in my opinion, you should also think of whether you want to achieve the same results using a product that is free of alcohol.