Looking For The Best Glass Jars For Spices?

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Most people don’t have as much cabinet space as they would like in their kitchens. This means that people who enjoy cooking need to find a way to remain organized and keep finding innovative ways to save space.

Organizing your spices into uniform size containers is a great way to save cabinet space and help to make cooking more convenient.

Most cooks prefer glass spice jars to those cheap looking plastic jars, so here is a look at the best glass jars for spices.

Libbey Spice Jar with Lid (Set of 12)


The Libbey brand name is easily associated with a number of different kitchen products including glass ware. This set of Libbey spice jars with lids has the follow features:

  • 12 jars, 4.5 ounces each.
  • Clear glass.
  • Tight sealing glass lids with plastic fitments.
  • Modern design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Jars are about 2 ½ inches tall.

A Closer Look

These glass spice bottles are wider at the bottom than the top making them less likely to tip over in a cabinet than those bottles that are same size at the top and the bottle and slightly taller.

In addition, the wider bottom is perfect for placing labels identifying the spices, leaving the bottle itself unblemished for a more refined look.

Other Uses

These unique little jars are perfect for spices, but can serve many other users including:

  • Soy candles to give as gifts or for your own enjoyment.
  • Organize small beads or gems for various crafts.
  • Wedding favors or table decorations filled with small candies, tiny colored beads, or beach sand.

Our Analysis

These handy little spice jars are perfect for use in the kitchen and other places in the house. For cooks with limited cabinet space, they can be kept in a drawer allowing you to keep your spices neatly organized and close at hand.

They can also serve a variety of other uses around the home, which makes them both handy and versatile.

User Reviews

Reviews for the Libbey spice jar with lid are excellent with the vast majority of users finding many benefits when using these jars including:

  • Lids fit tightly holding in freshness.
  • The jars are great for visibility.
  • Keeps all your spices organized and uniform.

Glass Spice Jars by CS Household (Set of 6)


These glass spice jars are designed to fit with most standard spice racks. Some of their features are:

  • Come in a set of 6 jars.
  • Shaker inserts.
  • White plastic caps.
  • Measures 3 ½ inches tall and 1 ¾ inches in diameter.
  • Classic Design.

A Closer Look

These bottles actually come with 2 tops. The inner top is a plastic insert that is easy to snap on to the jar and then there is a white plastic screw on top that fits over the insert and the top of the bottle.

The holes in the lid are actually quite small, so it may be difficult for seed or flake type spices to pass through the holes.
The bottles themselves are quite durable and they do fit on spice carousels and spice racks well.

Other Possible Uses

These small glass jars have other possible uses such as:

  • Holding small crafting items such as beads and small gems.
  • Great for colored sugars when baking and decorating cookies and cakes.
  • You can use these jars for your own spice combinations to give away as gifts.
  • They also make great small candles for gifts, or party favors.

Our Analysis

These glass spice jars are a great size for holding spices for most users cooking needs.

The insert with holes may not work well with all spices, but can be removed and you can sprinkle the spices into your hand before adding to your cooking.

The great thing about these jars is that they fit most standard size spice racks, so they can be used to replace cheap looking plastic spice bottles or those that are broken.

User Reviews

Reviews for this set of 6 glass spice bottles are extremely positive with most users finding these bottles handy to use and stating that they really help them to organize their spices.

Benefits users found using them include:

  • They are a nice size and shape for keeping spices in.
  • Shaker inserts come in handy for some spices.
  • Bottles are easy to fill.

J.K. Adams 3 ½ ounce Flint Glass Spice Jar Set


These J.K. Adams glass spice jars are designed to fit most standard spice racks or carousels. Let’s have a look at this set’s features:

  • Comes with 16 jars and accompanying insert and lids.
  • Snap on sifters come with both large and small holes.
  • White caps fit over the sifter insert.
  • Jars are dishwasher safe (don’t put lids or inserts in the dishwasher.)
  • Made in USA.
  • Measures: 3 5/8 inches high and 1 ¾ inches in diameter.
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer´s warranty.

A Closer Look

These are the standard glass spice jars that you will find in most spice racks. Their inserts come with small and larger holes making different bottles suitable for different spices.

However, if you want to measure these spices with a teaspoon, you will find that the opening at the top of the bottle is too small to fit a teaspoon.

Other Possible Uses

They can be used for several other uses as well as for holding spices. Other possible uses are:

  • Making small soy candles for gifts or wedding favors.
  • Filling with colored sand or candies for wedding or party favors.
  • Perfect for making your own dry rubs for use or gifts.
  • Good for keeping small craft supplies such as beads, needles and as such.

Our Analysis

These are nicely made, rather ordinary looking jars that will fit most standard spice racks. If you want jars to fit in a drawer, these bottles are too tall. They are perfect for those people who want to organize their spices in bottles of uniform size.

User Reviews

Reviews for this 16 glass spice bottle set are extremely good. Advantages users have experienced when using them are:

  • Caps fit snugly on the bottles keeping the spices fresh.
  • Bottles are well made and sturdy.
  • Hold the right amount of spices.

RSVP Clear Glass Spice Jar Set of 12


The RSVP clear glass spice jars are designed to fit standard size spice racks and have the following features:

  • 12 jars.
  • Each jar comes with plastic insert with holes.
  • Each jar also comes with chrome steel screw on lid.
  • Hand washable.
  • Bottles measure 4 inches high and 1 ¾ inches in diameter.

A Closer Look

These RSVP spice jars hold about 3 ounces of spice and are sturdy and well made. While they don’t come with spice labels, you can make or buy labels designed to fit them.

They do fit most standard sized spice racks and are slightly taller than many other jars of the same diameter and design.
Other Possible Uses

While these jars are certainly nice for those store purchased spices, they can be used for many other things as well.

Some ideal uses include:

  • Making gift bath salts for friends.
  • Holding small candies or other small items for party or wedding favors.
  • Making your own spice mixes or dry rubs.
  • Holders for soy candles.
  • Holding and organizing small craft supplies such as beads, small needles or gems.

Our Analysis

These spice jars are perfect for organizing your spices in uniform sized and shaped bottles.

They are also versatile enough to serve a number of other uses around the home as well as be used as containers for making gifts.

We do find, though, that the chrome coating on the lids could be better as the caps have a tendency to rust.

User Reviews

Reviews and ratings for this set are very good. Few users did complain about the chrome coated caps rusting. However, they also talked about several pros when using these bottles including:

  • Nice looking bottles that make your spices look well organized.
  • Sturdy bottles that hold a good amount of ground spices.
  • Insert top is handy.

Package of 24 Small Mini Glass Jars with Cork Stoppers


This set of 24 small mini glass jars should provide most users with more of these bottles than they will ever need.

Product features include:

  • Dimensions are 1 1/2” tall and 3/4” in diameter.
  • 24 glass jars.
  • Stoppers are made of cork.

A Closer Look

I have included these little bottles in this review as they look really cute but they are not suitable for spices since they have an extremely small opening.

However, they seem to have many other uses and a lot of the users have been very creative in coming up with some great ideas.

Tips for Other Uses

Some people use these jars to place sand in as favors for beach weddings. You could also fill them with colored water for decorations for parties. One customer used them as souvenirs from their holiday.

Our Analysis

While they are definitely cute, it is apparent from the reviews that they are smaller than they seem on the picture.
They are clearly not appropriate for spices due to their tiny opening in the top. However, if you can think of another use for them, they can be cute little giveaways.

User Reviews

There are some mixed reviews. Some people simply love them and others have criticised that they are too small and the quality of the cork is not so great.

All in all, if you are looking for the best glass jars for organizing your spices, the above selection of various types of bottles will help you choose easier. Also, keep in mind that these jars are versatile enough to have many other uses as well.