Is Jojoba Oil Good For Oily Or Combination Skin?

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Jojoba Oil is one of the few natural oils I have still been using somehow fanatically because of its benefits to my prone to breakouts skin. I use it as a cleanser to remove my makeup at night and it does the job very effectively.

It also makes the whole procedure more natural since I stay away from all those synthetic cleansers which can dry and imbalance my skin. I use organic jojoba oil which I know is more beneficial and safe for my skin.

So, jojoba oil is a liquid wax that can be perfect for oily and combination skin and let’s see in more detail the reasons for it.

Jojoba oil’s is closer to the skin’s oil than any other vegetable oil. That means that when using jojoba oil on face, the skin is tricked to “feel “ that it has got enough oil, so it doesn’t need to produce any more.

That’s how the skin can be free from excessive oil production and eventually become less oily and more balanced as to the natural oil levels of the skin. Jojoba oil can be also very beneficial for acne prone skin since it is non comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t clog the pores and leaves the skin free to breathe.

So, it can be used as an excellent skin regulator, keeping your skin balanced but also more clear, preventing the appearance of breakouts. That gives it the fame as one of the most popular acne oils among users. It is also ideal for oily skin because it is easily absorbed into the skin, giving it a silky and non greasy effect.


One other benefit of jojoba oil for face relates to its excellent anti inflammatory, healing and soothing properties. For example, native Americans used it to heal burns and wounds.

It is full of highly effective elements like vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are very important for the complexion staying elastic and vibrant.

It also has a high percentage of ceramides which make jojoba oil perfect when regulating hydration. That way, by applying this natural oil on the skin, its moist is kept more in the tissues, making it more elastic and resistant to aging.

I usually apply jojoba oil at night before my usual moisturizer for oily or combination skin so that it gives an extra boost to my skin’s elasticity and general condition or as I have previously mentioned just to cleanse from makeup.

Moreover, this oil contains linoleic acid which helps in the cells regeneration. Being rich in minerals and proteins, it nourishes the skin deeply, protects and softens it. Containing a high percentage of vitamin E, it also fights the free radicals that are responsible for aging and gives a healthy glow.

How To Use Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil can be used additionally to your moisturizer, especially at nights when you want to feel your skin more hydrated and protected. It is ideal for all types of skin, even sensitive ones.

At times when you feel your skin dry, in cold weather conditions, after a bath or after removing hair, jojoba oil can help it stay balanced, non irritated and adequately hydrated.

It is also a very effective and gentle natural makeup removal which doesn’t dry your skin like other synthetically based cleansers or is bound to cause any irritation.

Jojoba Oil Reviews

A very high percentage of the people review it very positively. Do you want to know what the results of adding jojoba oil to their skincare are?

  • Removes dead skin cells.
  • Reduces bumps when frequently used and even blackheads.
  • Helps calm down inflamed breakouts.
  • Perfect as a moisturizer.
  • Used as an effective hydrating body oil.
  • Effective as a makeup remover and culticle oil.
  • Minimizes the size of the pores.

As I have said before, I always prefer organic jojoba oil because that way I feel I am doing only good to my skin and also because a more pure product can be more effective and beneficial.

The first organic jojoba oil that I bought and kept on using for some time was transparent and odorless, so I thought that all jojoba oils are like that.

I was surprised to see that a well known organic jojoba oil, which I had just lately bought, made by a trustworthy German brand specialized in essential oils, vegetable oils as well as skin care products, was actually yellowish and with a light odor.

To tell you the truth, I was also surprised when my first jojoba oil lacked any smell because after all it is a vegetable oil and as such, it should have some kind of a smell.

So, this organic oil I am using now is yellowish, more condensed and with a nice slightly smoked essence which I really love. It is Primavera Jojoba Oil (organic/biodynamic.)

Primavera is a world leader in aromatherapy based products and this makes only but sense since the first time I was addressed to their products was through essential oils purchases. That’s how I found out that they had other skin care products, too.

Primavera is also into organic and biodynamic (Demeter) farming. I am explaining more about biodynamic skin care products and certification in my article of weleda citrus body lotion review.

Amazon has also a wide range of jojoba oils with one of the most popular among users being NOW FOODS Organic Jojoba Oil which is only some cents more expensive than the conventional Now Foods Jojoba Oil Pure.

Both of them have the highest number of positive reviews from users compared to some other jojoba oil brands which also gather good ratings.

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