Is Less More In Skin Care?

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In our days, having so many options of skin care products to treat, protect and boost the skin’s health and beauty, it is no wonder that we sometimes fall in the trap of thinking that the more different products we use the prettier or even healthier our skin will be.

First thing you must remember is that your skin should not be in any way treated as a lab center, meaning that you can’t keep on continuously feeding it up with all sorts of different products and waiting impatiently for them to work.

The reason for that is that your skin can react badly to the constant use of different products because they are inappropriate or because it has no time to adjust to them and find ways to use them properly.

So, even if you find a great product, by using all the products together, you won’t know which is the one that is actually good or which is the bad one.

You should know that your skin has a life of its own which you have to observe carefully in order to understand its needs, likings as well as dislikings.

When you try out new products, be sure about their quality, ingredients and grade of compatibility to your complexion because especially in the case of sensitive skin, not all skin care products are equally appreciated.

In my case of prone to blemishes skin, I also have to be careful so that what I am using keeps my skin balanced and free of blemishes.

Since I am also very much into safe natural and organic ingredients, I prefer to go for fewer products that are quality and effective than keep on trying out new ones which I am not completely sure that they can be beneficial.

Our skin always needs some time to get used to a product and see whether it likes it, loves it, dislikes it or just detests it, so we should give it the time it needs to make up its mind.

In the meantime and while you are trying something new, keep it simple. Don’t try out two or three new products together, because you want to see how your skin reacts to each one and how effective it is.

Also, when you try out a new moisturizer, have your face properly cleansed and even exfoliated so that you check the actual potency of the product.

Give the new product at least one month to work on your skin although with some of them you can see changes showing up even within the first days of use.

Keep in mind that depending on the skin condition or age, it may take more time to see results.

During this time, you should carefully observe the slightest change, positive or negative on the skin’s appearance.

In conclusion, if you have found some products that really work, don’t rush into adding a lot of new ones to your skin care regimen.

You can gradually add new ones if there is a need, but each one separately and after trying them out in a smaller area of your skin to avoid any reaction.