Is Lactic Acid Peel Good For Acne?

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​Many experts acknowledge Alpha Hydroxy Acid makes for a great chemical peel that helps to even skin tone and leave you with a glowing complexion. Lactic Acid Peels are one of the most popular Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels on the market today.

​But is A Lactic Acid Peel good for fighting acne? Here are some facts regarding Lactic Acid Peels that will help you decide.

​Lactic Acid Benefits for Acne

​A Lactic Acid peel is the mildest of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels available, but they do have some benefits for people who suffer from acne breakouts. The benefits are as followed:

  • ​Lactic Acid peels remove dead skin cells and oils from the skin helping to clean up one of the sources of acne.
  • ​They kill bacteria, which is also a cause of acne and acne breakouts.
  • ​Over time, Lactic Acid peels can result in longer periods between breakouts.

​You do need to keep in mind that there are more powerful alpha hydroxy acid peels that can fight acne, but for people with sensitive skin, Lactic Acid peels are gentler on the skin while still being effective in treating acne.

​However, you can't expect a lactic acid peel to clean up your acne immediately, it may take a series of peels before you see the best results.

​Is Lactic Acid Good for Acne Scars?

​Now that you know that Lactic Acid is a good option for treating acne breakouts for people with sensitive skin, you may be wondering if it is good for removing acne scars.

​Acne scarring occurs when dead skin cells, bacteria and oil forces the pores to enlarge to the point where the follicle wall breaks. If the break is near your skin's surface no scaring results, however if the follicle wall breaks deeper into the dermis layer scarring can occur.

​Acne that lasts a long time has the potential to result in acne scars leaving raised areas on your skin that are often lighter or darker in color than your normal skin tone.

​Lactic Acid peels can have some effect on scars caused by acne, but they may not remove the scars completely and if they do, it will take some time to do so.

​There are more effective acid peels for removing acne scars, but Lactic acid gentleness makes it the perfect choice or people with sensitive skin.

​Lactic Acid peel Vs. Glycolic Acid Peel For Acne

​Along with Lactic Acid peels, glycolic acid peels are also another popular AHA peel, so which is better for your skin and fighting acne as well as acne scars? This short comparison may help you choose which is most suitable for you and your skin.

​Both Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid peels even skin tone and remove dead skins. However, Glycolic acid absorbs deeper into the layers of the skin, which may help it to heal acne scars quickly and more effectively than Lactic acid peels.

​On the other hand, Lactic Acid peels are better for sensitive skin as lactic acid causes less irritation than glycolic acid. In addition, Lactic acid helps to kill germs and bacteria, and is safer to use if you suffer from Rosacea or Keratosis Pilaris. It is also better for people who suffer from acne breakouts and dry skin.

​How Many Chemical Peels Are Needed For Acne Scars?

​You may be wondering how many chemical peels you will need to remove or lessen those acne scars. The truth is there is no exact way to answer this question since it   depends on a number of things including:

  • ​The severity of those acne scars.
  • They type of chemical peel you use.
  • The sensitivity of your skin.

In most cases, it requires a series of chemical peels in order to remove most acne scars and the deeper the scars, the more peels you may need to have.

​Different Strengths of Lactic Acid Peel - What They Do and When to Use

​Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel by Perfect Image

Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel by Perfect Image

​Perfect Image is a reputable company specializing in both AHA Acid and BHA Acid Products. This Lactic Acid Peel 50% is not for beginners but it is a 2nd level peel which means that you need to try the 1st level peel successfully and without irritation before you move on to this second level of lactic acid peel.

​Apart from lactic acid, this product contains some other skin beneficial natural ingredients such as Kojic Acid, which is a natural skin lightener, Bearberry extract and Licorice, which also have natural skin lightening properties, green tea extract, which has antioxidant properties, cucumber extract and chamomile flower extract, which have soothing and healing properties.

​This peel is recommended for a number of skin issues including acne and other types of blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads, oily skin, scars, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, dark spots, eczema and more.

​Lactic Acid 85% Skin Chemical Peel by Skin Beauty Solutions

Lactic Acid 85% Skin Chemical Peel by Skin Beauty Solutions

​This is a lactic acid peel that is higher strength than the previous one, so it is not suitable for beginner’s use either. Also, if you want a non-mixed with other ingredients lactic acid peel, this is a very good option as it only contains Lactic Acid and Deionized Water.

​This product is recommended both for acne and acne scarring as well as some other skin problems such as large pores, whiteheads and blackheads, sun damage, dull and dry skin, age spots, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

​Users review this as a very effective chemical peel for acne at home treatment. It also offers great results on a number of other skin issues and has a low price as well.

​Lactic Acid 35% Gel Peel by Skin Laboratory

Lactic Acid 35% Gel Peel by Skin Laboratory

​This 35% Lactic Acid Peel is used by many people as a beginner’s chemical peel to lighten up the skin quickly, help with acne, minimize pores and even out skin tone among its benefits. It also works great as a weekly exfoliant.

​Even though this is a lighter lactic acid peel than the ones reviewed before, you still need to be mindful about its use and not let it on for a long time when you use it for the first time. If you have never used a lactic acid peel before, it is better to start with an even lower chemical peel strength.

​Although 35% of lactic acid may only trigger mild tingling and some flaking after the first days of use to some users, to some others it may have a stronger reaction. 

​Lactic Acid Peel 20% by Dermalure

Lactic Acid Peel 20% by Dermalure

​This Lactic Acid 20% contains medical grade lactic acid and deionized water. It has not been tested on animals and is recommended for acne, sun damage, premature aging, hyper-pigmentation and other issues.

​It is reviewed as good for sensitive skin, but if you have never tried a lactic acid peel before, it is still better to start off with a 10% peel. Users like its exfoliant and skin smoothing properties as well as the fact that is not too strong so they can use it more often during the week.

​They also review that it helps skin glow and works well for acne bumps on face as well as acne scars and oiliness. According to most users, the positive results of this product are experienced gradually.

​Lactic Acid 30% Gel Peel by Divine Derriere

Lactic Acid 30% Gel Peel by Divine Derriere

​This lactic acid peel contains 30% of lactic acid mixed with water. Each bottle is enough for 15-20 treatments and the product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

​Users with acne prone skin seem to like this product and there are also other benefits of this peel that people find useful such as exfoliation, clearing up some hyperpigmentation and making the texture of the skin smoother.

​All in all, choosing a lactic acid peel for acne is a good option and one that will provide you with some other benefits for your skin as well. You just need to choose the right strength of lactic acid peel and follow the instructions of each product.