Is Caffeine Good For Fat Burning And Cellulite Treatment?

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Caffeine is included as a basic ingredient in a lot of fat burning methods and more specifically weight loss and cellulite treatments like supplements and even creams or lotions.

So, let’s have a look at some facts about caffeine and fat loss, and whether caffeine is good for cellulite treatment.

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a hydrophilic substance which is found in the leaves and beans of more than 63 plants. Some of these plants include coffee, tea, cocoa and guarana.

Caffeine in plants is used as a natural defensive medicine that paralyzes and kills the insects. In humans, caffeine works as a psychoactive stimulant, it is mildly diuretic and has been the subject of a lot of researches about weight loss.

How is Caffeine Linked to Weight Loss?

Some people might think that by drinking coffee, they will lose weight more easily but that is not the case. 3 cups of coffee can boost mental clarity and make us more energetic but excessive coffee drinking might cause stress, headaches and even nausea.

Still, when caffeine comes into contact with the fat cells, it has a strong fat burning function and more specifically, it has the ability to help the fat that is trapped inside those cells to become more like a liquid.

This helps in it being transferred more easily towards the liver to be metabolized. At the same time, caffeine removes excessive waters, deals with the swelling and decongests the fat cell tissue.

So, these are the reasons that most of the weight loss and cellulite beauty products contain caffeine.

How to Choose a Slimming Product with Caffeine

The texture of a slimming product with caffeine should be light and semi liquid like a moisturizing body lotion. It should be absorbed and dry quickly so that you can dress up after application. It should also be able to penetrate deeper into the skin and be pleasant to apply.

Still, you need to make some research before buying any product like that because there are many products that promise a lot but do not have the desirable results.

It is also better to check the full list of ingredients since there are more natural and effective options available which will prevent you from loading your body with some unnecessary toxic skin ingredients.

Are All Cellulite Products with Caffeine Equally Effective?

The answer is no! Their effectiveness depends on the percentage of caffeine they contain. A good percentage of caffeine ranges between 3-5%. Also, caffeine has a small molecular weight and therefore can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Still, the rest of the ingredients and their percentage also play an important role.

Which Ingredients are Effectively Combined with Caffeine?

Ginger: Ginger together with caffeine help boost the strength of adiponectin, a hormone that burns fat and energizes its release through the lymph.

Green Tea: Polyphenols like green tea prevent the storage of the fat and protect the skin from oxidation, helping it stay supple and firm.

Seaweed and Ivy Plant: Caffeine combined with seaweed and ivy plant decongests and detoxifies the fat cell tissue while it also prevents the reappearance of cellulite and local fat.

Pepper: Together with caffeine, pepper stimulates the lymph function and the toxins’ release, resulting in a burning feeling or even skin redness.

Apple Extract: The apple extract works against skin sagginess since it has the ability to protect the collagen 1 fiber and elastin as well as promote the formation of new.

How to Use a Cellulite Cream with Caffeine

Even if the cellulite cream with caffeine you are using is known to be effective, you can´t get its full benefits with just one application. So, for better use, apply the product on dry skin both in the morning and night.

Massage putting lots of pressure. Start from down and move upwards while also pinching the skin with your fingers. That way, the product will absorb better and the toxins will be more easily removed.

Ideally, have a warm bath before application, so that the skin pores open and the cream ingredients are better absorbed.

For best results, combine your cream with a coffee body scrub which you will certainly enjoy using if you love the smell of coffee.

Is It During the Day or Night that the Fat Burns More?

Some people might be used to applying a slimming or a cellulitis product in the morning. Still, the time that the fat burns more is during the night sleep and that is when the natural fat burning procedure accelerates.

Generally, keep in mind that if your sleep is often disrupted or you don’t sleep enough hours, you can put on weight because the function of collagen and of the hormone which burns the fat get disrupted.

In conclusion, these are some facts that is useful to know if you are thinking to use caffeine for fat burning or as a cellulite treatment.