How Good Is Argan Oil For Your Skin?

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Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of natural oils, using them daily as part of my skin care routine. I use them as cleansers, healers, moisturizers, in masks and whatever other use one can think of.

Still, although I am a big fan, it was only but recently that I have tried out organic cold pressed argan oil to check whether argan oil will be any good for my skin.

So, here I will share my experience after using it for some time now on my face, neck and hands. Also, since I love digging things deeper, I will expand on some other ways people are using argan oil for, its skin care benefits and what they review about its pros and cons.

So, can Argan oil really benefit your skin and in what way? Let’s see!

Argan Tree. ©[sarosa]

But first something interesting I’ve read in Wikipedia was that Argan oil remains one of the most rare oils in the world because of the small and very specific areas that the tree grows.

The tree is known as the Argania Spinosa and it grows in Morocco and a few other places in the world, which is why for many years this oil was not known to most of the Western World.

However, because it is so beneficial and healthy to the skin, hair and nails, it was bound to become known around the world sooner or later and now argan oil is in high demand especially for its use as a separate skincare product or used as an ingredient in skin care products.

Argan Oil Ingredients

Argan oil is loaded with essential fatty acids like oleic, linoleic, palmitic and others, Vitamin E, phenols ,carotens and squalene. All the antioxidants help to provide a number of healthy benefits for your skin.

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin

Non-Greasy Moisturizer

Argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer as it gets quickly absorbed into the skin, boosting its natural moisture and not just staying on the surface of the skin, but penetrating deep into its layers.

From my own experience, I have been using it mainly as a night moisturizer and even from the first application, I saw my skin becoming more elastic, keeping that elasticity for a longer period than other natural oils, like jojoba oil which is also good for moisturizing.


So, after applying argan oil on my face, I can see an immediate improvement of my skin’s texture and moisture. Argan oil absorbs very well so that is why I also use it in my hands especially if they get a bit dry.

I also love it because soon after application, my skin gets soft and smooth and not at all greasy. That is a big advantage of argan oil which you can find it only in some natural oils. It is light but very effective in moisturizing and for some other purposes we will see.

People with dry skin also review that this oil has helped them prevent and deal with some symptoms of dry skin such as irritation, flaking and cracking as well as helped reduce eczema breakouts and other problems associated with dry skin.

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Balances Sebum

Argan oil is also good for oily skin since it acts as a regulating agent that actually helps to balance sebum levels and keep them in check. Excess sebum leads to oily skin which often results in a shiny complexion and acne breakouts.

By balancing the sebum levels, Argan oil helps to reduce acne breakouts without drying your skin. That is one quality that some natural oils have and people are not so acquainted with, because they think that an oil will make their skin oilier but the truth is that the right natural oil can balance the skin better than many other promising over the counter skin care products.

Also the right natural oil will not only serve to balance the natural oils of your skin but boost its total health and beauty, making it even more resistant to deteriorating external factors as well as aging.

Having a combination skin, I see that Argan oil keeps my skin more balanced and clean. It also has a light texture, as I have previously mentioned, which makes my face feel comfortable right after application.

Tightens Skin and Increases Elasticity


This was the first effect I experienced right after the first use. My under chin area went more firm and I was so happy.

I almost couldn’t believe how with only one application, the skin went more tight in an area that has a tendency to sag and it is difficult for one to find effective natural products specialized for it.

People’s Reviews about argan oil also say that it has especially helped them with reducing those fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes and mouth.

I can understand that but since I don’t have that big of a problem with wrinkles or fine lines yet, I haven’t noticed anything but will surely update if I notice something.

Still, while some people have used it for fine lines under eyes, I have never thought to try it like that, so this gives me a perfect idea!

Relieves Dryness On the Lips

People using it on their lips review that they get softer and more hydrated lips and that is something I agree with, too. Another thing I like is that the feeling after applying on your lips is very pleasant like you don’t feel at all that you have an oil on.

Argan oil relieves the lips dryness and they become instantly more hydrated, soft and sparkly in a very attractive way.

Helps Prevent Stretch Marks and Reduce Acne Scars

Pregnant women find that not only using Argan oil during pregnancy is safe, but doing so can help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. This is especially helpful as treating stretch marks once they appear can be a difficult and frustrating affair.

Other people state that this oil is good for skin since it can actually help to reduce acne scars as well as scars from chicken pox and the measles, giving people a more flawless looking skin.

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How To Discern A Good Quality Argan Oil

There are literally plenty of skincare companies selling argan oil, but not all are providing a completely pure and high quality product. Before buying argan oil, just keep in mind:

  •  Look for the original Moroccan Argan Oil because that’s how you are going to get the best quality of Argan Oil.
  • Organic Argan Oil is always the best choice for a 100% pure Argan Oil.
  • A lot of argan oils are mixed with chemicals, so when you want to buy a good quality Argan Oil, look for organic verifications.
  • Finally, check for reviews and information on the quality of the product.

Pros and Cons of Argan Oil Based on People’s Reviews


  • Moisturizes the skin naturally even by using it on its own or as an additional natural skincare ingredient.
  • Tightens and firms the neck and face area, making them more elastic.
  • It can be used for face, body, nails and hair. It keeps the hair properly moisturized and with a shiny effect.
  • Some people have reviewed that it prevents triggering acne breakouts and even helping to eliminate blackheads.
  • Very good results have been shown relating to fighting fine lines.
  • It has also been reported to be working with acne scars but it takes some time to see the results.


  • Very few people have reviewed it as having a greasy effect but that can probably relate to the quality of argan oil they have used and the amount of oil applied since only but a few drops are enough. The quantity you will want to use depends on your skin’s type or needs, too.
  • Some people have reviewed its smell as a bit odd for them while others have been sensing it like an odor close to the one of olives. Still, the essence dissipates soon after application. The scent of pure argan oil can be described as very light nutty but there are argan oils that are odorless.

Where Can I Buy Argan Oil?

There are many shops you can buy argan oil from, especially those ones that sell health natural and organic products.

It happened to buy mine from a local health shop but there are a lot of online resources which sell argan oil, too. Second time, I will probably buy online because I can buy a product with a guarantee so that my purchase is safer.

For example, Amazon has some very positively reviewed argan oils like Pura D’Or Pure & Organic Argan Oil which is reviewed enthusiastically by a lot of users. It is USDA certified organic, 100% pure, imported from Morocco and bottled in the USA.

It is cold pressed, unrefined and produced using the highest standards in the industry, according to the company’s claims.

Packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and fatty acids, it can be used as an effective atreatment for dry skin, sun damage, psoriasis, eczema, acne and as a moisturizing and skin firming natural product for all types of skin.

100 day complete money back guarantee is available to you in case you are not completely satisfied with the product you have purchased.

Another brand that sells good quality cold-pressed cosmetic Argan Oil that is free of harmful additives and presrvatives is SkinCeption.

Cold-pressed argan oilSkinCeption Argan Oil contains a number of valuable elements and natural antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin as well as hair health and beauty such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E, oleic and linoleic acids, squalene, which can also be found in the olive oil, ferulic acid, polyphenols and others.

Their product is a non-greasy light argan oil that has a light nutty scent and doesn’t clog pores. It is also recommended for various skin issues including fine lines and wrinkles, dry aging skin, collagen and elastin loss, sun damaged skin, acne breakouts, eczema and psoriasis.

People also love argan oil as a natural home treatment to nourish, repair and soften damaged hair and to keep healthy hair smooth and hydrated. It works great for frizziness and split ends while lots of people also use it on brittle nails and cuticles.

Another advantage of this argan oil brand is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee while it is good to know that with your purchase you support Local Berber women and their communities.

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In conclusion, after using this natural oil on my face and neck area for some time now, I can say that argan oil has been very good for my skin and I would definitely suggest it to others, too.