How To Prevent And Cure Dry Chapped Lips Naturally

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How to prevent and cure dry chapped peeling lipsHealthy beautiful looking lips are an important part of our daily appearance.

Proper lip care is an absolute must not only during those cold winter months but throughout the year.

Do you have dry chapped lips and looking for ways to prevent and cure dry lips naturally?

A good way to start is to have a look at the reasons why the lips get dry and chapped so you can focus on the roots of the problem.

Why Do Lips Get Chapped?

The outer layer of the lips is very thin: As we know, our skin consists of three layers, the surface that is called epidermis, the dermis that is the middle layer and the subcutaneous tissue. The surface layer of the skin is very thin and therefore vulnerable to daily environmental factors such as cold, heat or air pollution.

There are no sebaceous glands in the lips: The natural oil or sebum in the skin is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum is an important part of the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin’s surface, which is what keeps moisture in the skin. Lips do not have sebum glands and, therefore, there is no source of natural hydration apart from the saliva which evaporates very fast. This lack of natural lubricant leads to dry chapped lips especially when the weather conditions are extreme and the humidity levels in the air are low.

Lips do not have melanin: Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the lips does not have melanin, the natural pigment that is produced by the melanocytes in order to protect the skin from UV radiation damage. Since exposure to the sun happens throughout the year, we can understand how important sun care protection is for our lips.

Lips get chapped with lipstick: Many people complain about their lipstick leading to dry chapped lips. The reason is that many of those products do not contain efficient moisturizing and skin-nourishing ingredients. Even worse, they contain skin-drying ingredients which can also be irritating to the skin.

Lip Drying Ingredients: Certain ingredients in lip care products can cause dryness to the lips of some people such as beeswax, synthetic fragrances, and Vaseline.

Other reasons: Other reasons for your lips getting dry or chapped include sun damage, suffering from a cold or the flu, dehydration, yeast overgrowth, continuously licking your dry lips and biting them or lack of essential fatty acids, mineral and vitamins in your diet as well as certain medical conditions.

Daily Tips To Heal Dry Chapped Lips

Here are 10 helpful tips to prevent and cure dry peeling lips:

Use A Gentle Cleanser And Exfoliate Your Lips

Washing your lips is important for removing dust, dirt, or lipstick remnants. Choosing a gentle cleanser will prevent dryness and keep your lips clean and smooth.

Of course, don’t forget exfoliating at least once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and leave the skin more rejuvenated and ready to absorb lip soothing ingredients better.

Avoid rubbing your lips and always use a gentle exfoliator that is specialized for sensitive skin. Stay away from using harsh grainy face scrubs on your lips. Grainy scrubs can damage their protective barrier and hurt them, making it even more difficult for them to heal.

Avoid hot water

Hot water can dry the skin even more. Therefore, use warm water using gentle movements and gently pat dry your lips with a soft cotton towel.

Use a lip moisturizer after washing

The same rule that you follow when it comes to moisturizing your face after washing should be applied in the case of moisturizing your lips. Effective ingredients that lock in moisture are hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, panthenol, glycerine, and more.

In the case of chapped broken lips that need intense nourishment and healing, try natural healing ingredients such as shea butter, squalene oil, and other natural oils. My favorite ones for soothing peeling lips are rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

Choose gentle products

Look for lip products that contain gentle ingredients that are soothing and healing to dry skin and stay away from products that contain dyes, artificial fragrance, and flavor that can irritate and dry your lips.

Try wearing a lip balm

Lip balms are not always the perfect solution to dry cracked lips and some of them can actually cause irritation to your lips. The truth is I am very fussy with lip balms. They need to feel lightweight (not greasy) and at the same time provide all the protection my skin needs to go through extreme weather conditions.

I have used Lavera lip balm with organic jojoba and almond for years and I also like Eau Thermale nourishing lip balm. It is a very gentle product that repairs and softens the lips without drying them out or causing any irritation.
Stay away from drying lipsticks till your lips heal completely

Lipsticks can cause dryness and they do not promote healing of the skin. So, unless you are using a good quality lipstick that feels nourishing and moisturizing to your lips, try to limit their use until your lips are back to health.

Don’t get too close to a heat source

Cozying up in front of a fireplace is wonderful but sitting too close to any heat source can cause dryness to your lips and skin.

Increase moisture in the air

Low levels of moisture in the air are not good for healthy lips. Check the levels of humidity in the air and if they are very low, you may want to consider using a humidifier.

Boost your diet with healthy nutrients and essential fatty acids

Sometimes, dry lips can be the result of a poor diet. Make a list of what you are daily eating and think of adding some important nutrients to your diet if necessary. Your nutritionist will be the right person to recommend healthy diet changes if you are suffering from dry skin and lips.

Consider visiting a dermatologist

If the issue of dry chapped lips continues after following all of the above tips and it is present even after the passing of winter, you may need to visit a dermatologist.


We have all suffered from dry chapped lips during different periods of our lives. Following a healthy lip care routine and boosting your diet with plenty of antioxidants is a good way to prevent and cure dry chapped lips naturally.