7 Tips To Have A Nice Looking Skin Naturally

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Wondering how to get a nice and healthy looking skin but you’re not very sure how to have it?

But how does a beautiful skin really look? The answer is: plump, elastic, firm, glowing, soft and clear.

Following some basic steps will help you get closer to your goal. Knowing your skin type so that you can go for products that are especially designed for your specific type is also important.

In general, you will see it yourself when your skin looks glowing and healthy looking. So, let’s see some ways to help you have a good looking skin.


First thing in the morning and last at night is cleansing because your skin needs to be free from all these factors that keep it blocked and suffocated. During the day our skin deals with all kinds of unhealthy conditions, like extreme cold or heat, pollution together with the everyday stress.

Also the excessive use of makeup blocks the pores. You have probably seen it yourself  how in the end of the day you are looking forward to getting rid of makeup and feel refreshed and light.

So, don’t go to sleep before cleansing your skin, especially if you wear foundation because that way you will give bacteria the chance to “party” on your skin, blocking its pores and leading to blemishes.

Pai Camelia & Rose Organic Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is reviewed very positively by people with all types of skin and especially sensitive skin which even use it to remove makeup from eyes.

Another very easy and simple way for me to remove makeup is a cotton pad with some drops of natural oil soaked in it.

For oily skin one of the best natural oils is jojoba oil. After that, you can still use a gentle liquid cleanser to freshen up more and remove all kinds of dirt. Dry your skin with a tissue if it is oily and with a towel if it is normal or dry.

Avoid harsh chemical products because they can dry, irritate and imbalance your skin. Also, those chemicals can be harmful for your overall health.


Exfoliate only when it is necessary and when you see that your skin needs it. If your skin is oily or combination, you will need more often exfoliating to remove dead cells and avoid the blockage of the pores. Still, you shouldn’t overdo it with exfoliating because you can dry out and imbalance your skin.


After cleansing, you can apply a natural night cream if your age demands one, leave it clean and fresh if you are at a young age or just apply a natural oil that can go on enhancing and boosting your skin’s cells all night long in the most natural, effective and safe way to go.

During daytime, you should use a quality natural day cream that keeps up with the needs and type of your complexion. Avoid applying extra enhanced moisturizers if your age is young and stay away from skin care products with lots of chemical ingredients which can rob your skin’s natural oils and cause even premature aging.

Using Skin Care Masks

For deep pore cleansing or even removing blackheads as well as revitalizing and moisturizing, keep in mind that the application of an effective mask for blackheads can work miracles on your skin.

Masks are highly beneficial and must be a part of a worthy skin care routine as long as they contain effective natural ingredients that can really boost your skin, making it more elastic, healthy and smooth. For a wider selection, you can read our detailed blackhead mask review.

Eating Organic Foods

Stop eating processed foods that add a lot of toxins to your body and make your skin look dull. Do you know that the more you eat those foods, the more you get used to them and might not appreciate the taste of plain fruits and vegetables?

This may result in poor nutrition, extra weight and other possible ailments that go together with the bad quality of the food you are consuming. So, add healthy foods to your diet (preferably in their organic form) together with an adequate amount of water.

Sleeping Normal Hours

For a vibrant looking skin, sleep is more than necessary. You will see it yourself. After sleeping normal hours, you will feel your skin more plump, soft and glowing.

Avoiding Stress

Generally speaking, try not to overstress yourself because this can have an immediate effect on the appearance of your skin. Do things that make you feel good and you will notice that this will have a positive impact on your skin as well.

These were some general tips to help you have a nice and healthy looking skin. In your effort to achieve this, always remember that nourishing your skin from the inside is as important and sometimes even more important than pampering it from the outside.