Do’s And Dont’s To Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles Naturally

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Neck wrinkles can sometimes appear even before face wrinkles but most of the times we don’t give so much attention to them.

The neck is a lot more sensitive area than the face because of its thinness and loss of fat as we age, so finding out about different ways of how to get rid of those neck wrinkles naturally can help the neck area stay away from the very obvious signs of aging for as long as possible.

What To Avoid If You Want to Lessen Neck Lines and Wrinkles

Over exposure to the sun, lack of sunscreen protection and indoor tanning methods. All these can result in skin’s drying and premature aging.

Excessive consumption of processed, very sugary, salty and fatty foods. They provide you with none of the necessary nutrients to fight the free radicals that are responsible for wrinkles and fine lines and also fill your body with toxins that can speed up skin aging.

Smoking which is often combined with high stress levels can obstruct your collagen’s production as well as promote the free radicals damage to your skin. This means more wrinkles, less elastic and firm skin.

Lack of proper moisturizing. Sometimes people don’t use moisturizers with adequate anti aging effects for their neck, either because they neglect it or because they don’t find it that necessary. Still, the skin on the neck is very sensitive and has to be pampered properly to avoid wrinkles and sagging.

Not proper cleansing of the area. Avoid harsh cleansers which can rob the natural oils of the neck area, leading it to dryness, thus faster appearance of neck wrinkles.

4 Steps to Decrease Neck Wrinkles Naturally

  • Use easily absorbed natural oils that can keep the area more elastic. Oils can be used under your usual moisturizer or at night when they will have all the time needed to treat and enhance your skin against wrinkling. Effective oils for this condition can be argan oil, rosehip oil and jojoba oil. Especially argan oil is ideal for the tightening of the under chin area, making it more elastic and firm. A lot of people review argan oil as helping them soften neck wrinkles and minimize their appearance. For me, this specific oil works perfectly well for under chin skin tightening as well as face and neck moisturizing. Since I don’t have an obvious problem of neck wrinkles yet, I can’t really confirm myself its effectiveness towards neck wrinkles.
  • Moisturize the area properly and adequately with effective neck firming creams or lotions which contain ingredients that boost collagen and keep the moisture levels high. Stay away from all those harsh chemicals that can dry the skin and even lead to  quicker aging. Apply the moisturizer with gentle movements on your neck and give the area a soft massage.
  • Avoid eating processed type of foods which accumulate harmful toxins to your body. This will result in healthier and younger looking skin.
  • Working out and following some special neck exercises can make the area more firm in cases of sagginess, helping also in the improvement of neck wrinkles. Apart from that, exercise can help your body get rid of the accumulated toxins easier and this will result in a more glowing, healthier and with less wrinkles skin.

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Natural Ingredients To Combat Neck Wrinkles

When looking for a cream to moisturize your skin effectively and help you rid of neck wrinkles easier, keep in mind that a lot of harmful chemicals are contained in skincare products to extend the life of them and for various other reasons that have to do with the low cost of the final product.

Some of those cheap chemicals are clinically proven to be harmful not only for the skin but for the overall health as well. Also, chemical ingredients can exterminate the good bacteria that are gathered in your skin protecting its natural moisture.

That way, your skin can become drier, leading you to the thought that you probably need a stronger moisturizer when this is not the case. Or they might also cause oiliness, because when the skin gets dry, it starts producing more oil.

At the same time, natural ingredients do not mistreat your skin. They don’t work harmfully and aggressively, respect the skin’s natural balance and boost its own ability to stay moist and elastic.

By using supreme quality natural skincare products, you are protecting your skin from a lot of unpleasant skin reactions. So, let’s have a look at two effective natural ingredients:

Babassu Oil

Coming from the Babassu palm of Northern Brasil, Babassu oil has been known for years as an excellent emollient.

It contains vitamins, glucosides and minerals. It can be quite beneficial for dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin types, moisturizing gently and without a greasy touch.

Phytessence Wakame

Phytessence Wakame, also called Undaria Pinnatifida, is a variety of kelp, native to the Japanese Sea.

It is rich in potassium, iron, calcium, sodium and full of vitamins like B1, B2, B3,B6 and B12 and has been prized by women in Japan for its skincare benefits.

Researches have also shown that this seaweed works against an enzyme in our skin that breaks down the hyaluronic acid.

The latter together with elastin and collagen are responsible for keeping the skin elastic and protecting it against wrinkles and fine lines.

These were some tips not only to diminish and slowly even get rid of wrinkles on the neck naturally but also prevent their appearance.