How Do We Communicate Through Skin Touching?

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In this blog, we usually talk about skin care beauty and health through skin care tips, tricks, recipes, product reviews, and habits we follow to achieve a better looking skin appearance but today I read an article about skin from a different angle, the angle that has to do with skin and the role of touching as an expression of people’s feelings.

So, the article was referring to the importance of touching for both the one who touches and the one who accepts the touch.

Going back to those moments when the fetus is inside the mother’s belly and the fetus’s skin, the largest organ of the body, feels the world by the presence of the amniotic fluid surrounding and keeping the embryo safe, it seems that the article concludes that touching and accepting the touch is an important function for people’s interacting as well as sentimental and psychological health.

In the same article, it is also supported that people nowadays seem to be keeping distances from using touching as an expression of their inner feelings, getting more and more distant from benefitting themselves of the multiple benefits of touch.

By now, I hope that you will already have understood that I am not referring to sexual touch but to those different types of common touchings that can express a million feelings like of concern, acceptance, understanding but also negative feelings like nervousness, fear or whatever.

We touch when we feel happy but we also touch when we feel nervous or afraid, isn’t that amazing? Body language, experts say, can be even more expressive and indicative of someone’s feelings than verbal communication.

Another interesting point I read in the newspaper was that the need to touch also means that we seek safety and that is something that touch can give us, the feeling of calmness, relief and safety.

Still, there are people who have not been brought up in an environment where their parents were expressive enough and they have learned to abstain from touching as a means of seeking and finding a way to communicate their feelings.

Even worse, in some societies touching is a taboo between people and has been linked to an unacceptable public attitude or a private one that someone should not indulge freely into.

Nevertheless, touching is a human need that is probably so deep as the depths of our human souls.

Something else I read in the article and it was extremely interesting was that even those simple moves that we use to touch our neck and give it a quick massage or any of those same kind of movements can have a positive effect.

Touching can be healing and therapeutic for us and for others. So, since taking care of your skin involves touching, we understand that the way we use our hands can make a difference to how relaxed, rejuvenated and pleased our skin can feel.

What I mean is that taking our time to apply our skin care products by gently massaging and pampering our skin can give us positive results not only because of those products but because of the movements we use which can express care and genuine interest for our skin’s health and welfare.

For example, it always makes me feel better when I have the luxury of time to observe my skin, massage it with gentle and not hasty movements and relax enjoying the whole procedure opposed to a quick rubbing and applying my skin care products for the sake of just applying them.

In conclusion and as a final remark to the article I read today, I think that the way we “use” our bodies to give different signs to others and even our own selves is also controlled by cultural, family taught and society injected behaviors that we can learn by and educate our minds to conceive better if we are open in understanding them.