Homemade Natural Skin Recipes for Men

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Skincare for MenMen´s skin is quite different comparing women´s skin but it still has its own needs and requires proper care like cleansing, moisturizing and after shave care.

So, if you are interested in using your own natural ingredients, here is a look at some homemade natural skin recipes for men which are going to relieve skin irritations after shaving, cleanse and make men´s complexion less leathery and more balanced.

Moisturizing for Men

Daily shaving can irritate men´s skin, removing its hydrolipidic film which works as a protective external barrier and therefore leaving the skin exposed to deteriorating factors such as extreme weather conditions and others which result in skin dryness and dehydration.

In this case and to protect skin´s moisture, it is good to use an effective moisturizer after cleansing or shaving. Avoid alcohol and other harsh synthetic ingredients which can dry out the skin and look for moisturizers which contain natural soothing and moisturizing ingredients. This way, you will have a softer, healthier and more resistant to aging skin.

Natural oils are also very effective in keeping men´s skin better conditioned, moisturized and nourished. Organic rosehip oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and others can work very well with men´s skin but if you want to create some oil of your own adding a variety of natural and essential oils, here´s a recipe:

Skin Moisturizing recipe for Men

Mix 20 ml of grape seed oil with 10 ml of coconut oil and the following essential oils: 3 drops of cedar, 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of vetiver.

Remember that you shouldn’t use essential oils directly on the skin without first diluting them into carrier oils such as almond oil, grape seed or any other carrier oil because most of them with very few exceptions can be highly irritating and toxic when applied directly on the skin.

Use the above moisturizing oil every night to slightly cleanse, exfoliate, relieve and soften your skin.

Face Cleansing for Men

A man´s skin has bigger sebaceous and sweat glands than a woman´s and therefore the oil and sweat that is released from their skin is more. In this case, it can easily be understood that inadequate skin cleansing can lead to various problems such as a leathery oily skin, dark spots and even pimples.

Use a suitable to your skin type and condition good quality cleanser every night and morning if you don´t shave. That way, you will keep your pores uncongested and your skin feeling refreshed, light and more rejuvenated especially if you follow with an effective moisturizer.

Still, if you want to try something homemade, here is a nice recipe.

Skin Cleansing Recipe for Men

Mix 20 grams of ivory snow powder with 30 ml of water. As soon as it lathers, add the following essential oils: 2 drops of lime (for dry skin) or 2 drops of tea tree oil (for oily skin.)

Pour the mixture into a glass bottle and use it daily as an antiseptic and moisturizing cleansing product.

Dealing with Skin Shaving Irritation

Bad and regular use of shaving razors which have also gotten old can cause skin irritation, redness and even small zits on face and neck area. Depending on how sensitive a man´s skin is, these problems can become even more intense.

Therefore, you need special care for those areas like products that will keep your skin properly moisturized and more resistant to irritations. It is also advisable to avoid daily shaving and let your skin rest during the weekend as long as it is possible, while not shaving against the grain can help as well.

After Shave Recipe for Skin Irritation

Mix 120 ml of aloe vera gel with the following essential oils: 10 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of juniper, 5 drops of cedar and another 5 of cypress.

Aloe vera gel together with the above essential oils will soothe and relieve your skin against those skin irritations.

In conclusion, the above homemade natural skin recipes for men as well as skincare tips can help you have a healthier, softer and more resistant to aging skin.