Harmful Skin Ingredient In Soft Drinks?

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Waiting in a long queue at a bank isn’t the most pleasant thing one can expect from their lives but since there is nothing we can do about it most of the times, we can at least find ways to make it more tolerable.

So, yesterday while waiting in the queue with all kinds of different expressions on people’s faces around me, I read a very interesting article on BBC (BBC News Business-6 May 2014) about a harmful ingredient which can affect the skin as well as overall health negatively. It is called BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil.)

According to the article, Cocal Cola plans to remove BVO from some of its US drinks brands. BVO is traced in Fanta and Powerade. While both in Japan and Europe the use of this ingredient is not allowed, in the USA there has been little restriction.

BVO is used as a stabilizer in drinks that have fruit flavor. According to the Mayo Clinic, which the BBC reporter uses as a source, consuming lots of soft drinks containing BVO has negative health effects and according to certain reports it is harmful for the skin, too.

Personally, I avoid all those artificial looking drinks because apart of the fact that they contain lots of sugar, they are full of ingredients like flavor additives and others that are not supposed to be healthy at all. Also, to me some of them look quite scary with those bright blue, green or pink colors that seem to have just come out of a chemistry lab.

Another thing is that once you start consuming those drinks excessively, you can get used to them and avoid other healthier and natural beverages. Especially children can easily get addicted to such flavors.

In conclusion, since everything we eat or drink can have an either long or short term effect in our skin and generally in our health, we should be more careful in checking out all the ingredients of the foods we are consuming and if possible, refrain from the excessive use of foods and beverages that contain harmful components.

Also, keep in mind that whatever looks great from the outside is not necessarily beneficial or safe from the inside as well.