Are Glytone Body Lotion Reviews Positive Enough?

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Glytone Body lotion reviews have to do with the treatment of dry scaling skin, Keratosis Pilaris and body acne.

It is also used by some people to improve the so called “chicken looking” skin which usually appears at a much older age.

It is designed to exfoliate dry skin cells leaving skin softer and smoother. Features of this lotion include:

  • Medical grade Cosmeceutical.
  • Glytone contains free unbuffered glycolic acid which rejuvenates skin.
  • Consists of 17.5% Glycolic acid.

How To Use

Glytone Body Lotion is best used at night after your bath or shower and certainly not before exposing yourself to the Sun.

It is recommended that it only be used on those areas of skin that are bumpy, dry or darkened in color.

Since it contains a high percentage of glycolic acid, it is best to avoid using this lotion on scraped or cut skin, and people with very sensitive skin may find that it is too potent to use on a daily basis or even at all.

You only need to use a small amount of it and wait for 2 or 3 weeks to see the first results. Also beware not to use it on your face since the high amount of glycolic acid can damage or irritate your complexion.

Glytone Body Lotion Ingredients

Glytone body lotion contains the following ingedients: water, glycolic acid, Propylene Glycol, Ceteraryl alcohol, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, PEG-40 Stearate, Allantonin, Propyl Gallate, Tocopheryl Acetate.

What Do Glytone Body Lotion Reviews Say?

While no skin care product works for everyone, most users are satisfied with this body lotion and it earns good ratings. In general Glytone products are quite popular among users. For more information about them, you can read Glytone Daily Facial Cleanser Reviews.

People do find the following benefits when using this body lotion:

  • Helps Reduce and even Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris– Several users stated that they were able to totally control their KP and be free of it while others found that it reduced both the bumps and the redness from this condition. Other stated it does little for the redness, but does reduce the bumps. Still, most of them reported that it leaves their skin smoother than they ever thought possible.
  • Reduces Dark Skin– Reviewers state that this lotion reduces the darkened skin that is left behind from conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Dry and Flaky Skin– Users also state that they have found a vast impovement in dry and flaky skin around their heels, feet, elbows and knees when using this lotion.
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin. People whose skin takes the so called “chicken looking” appearance because of aging have also benefitted by the use of this lotion.

Side Effects of Glytone Body Lotion

Some users do suffer some negative side effects from using it but usually only during the first uses and till their skin gets used to the product.

There were a lot of people who were pleased not to stop its use because of the initial feeling of stinginess which actually shows that the product is working.

To minimize these effects, you can dilute it with some natural oil like coconut oil or even shea butter.

Still, if you find the symptoms unbearable, you should stop immediately and consult your dermatologist. Other side effects might include itching, burning as well as peeling of the skin.


  • A lot of satisfied users were able to benefit as to their KP and dry skin issues.
  • Silky soft skin which looks renewed.
  • Glytone cody lotion as well as Amlactin Lotion are both suggested by dermatologists to deal with dry skin issues.
  • No odor which can be a positive thing for people who are sensitive to essences.


  • It may be too strong for sensitive skin.
  • Its texture is thick.



After reviewing Glytone body lotion I can say that this product seems quite effective in treating chicken bumps, dry, scaling and discolored skin for most of the people who use it.

However, people with more sensitive skin, should limit the number of times during the week that they use this lotion or even avoid its use as it can be quite strong.