Sharing My French Green Clay Mask Recipe

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Here, I will explain how to make your own French green clay mask recipe at home easily and quickly.

Green clay for skin is a natural ingredient that is sold in the form of powder but you can also find it in nature in specific areas.

For example, I still remember that during a visit to a beach in Corfu, Greece, when stopping for a minute to enjoy the view from the top, we found a hill covered with this green clay which a local man passing by suggested that we use for skin beauty masks.

What a discovery! Cosmetic treatment under your feet! 🙂 Unfortunately though, I don’t have any picture to show you of that wonderful landscape.

At that time, that man had told us that green clay is very good for the face, so we put some big lumps of that green clay into a bag and later I tried to make my first green clay facial mask.

Since my skin is prone to whiteheads if I don’t have it properly cleansed, this green clay helped my skin get rid of the dead cells and keep it more balanced.

When my Corfu green clay finished, I purchased the French green clay which worked quite well, too. So, here I will give you my facial recipe which is good to make at least once a week.

What you need is:

  • 3 tsp of French green clay.
  • Some mineral water.
  • Few drops of almond oil or whichever natural oil you have such as argan oil or jojoba oil which is great for acne breakouts.

I prefer to use mineral water because tap water contains chlorine which can minimize the positive benefits of a natural product like green clay and can even irritate sensitive types of skin.

How To Use French Green Clay

So, let’s see now how I prepare my clay mask. I add the 3 tsp of clay in a clay or glass bowl depending on the amount of mask I want to get and the area I want to cover with.

I mainly use this recipe for my face, so 3 teaspoons are enough for a single coverage. If you want to use it on your neck as well, you will need more clay.

The clay that I use comes in a very thin powder form which makes it even easier for the water to be dissolved. Then, I add slowly the water and I mix it so that it becomes a paste that is finally neither too drippy nor too stable.

You should add the right amount of water to achieve that, stirring it until you see the two ingredients forming into a homogeneous paste.

According to the instructions written on the box, it is advised that when you add water to the clay powder, you should let it rest for 30 minutes and then stir it to make the paste but I never do it like that since I don’t usually have that much of a time.

I think the purpose for that is that the clay slowly and gently releases all its beneficial elements into the water.

On the box, it is also noted that no metal or plastic spoons and utensils should be used obviously because of the harmful elements that can be released in this pure natural product.

In the end, you can add few drops of the natural oil of your preference if you want to get a moisturizing effect, too or even a little organic honey if you are not allergic to it.

I use green clay mainly on the face to balance sebum (the natural oil that the skin produces) but by adding few drops of almond, argan or jojoba oil, I get a more moisturized and softer skin.

Now, let me explain how you apply this mask. I use nothing but my bare hands because that way I can apply it more even and work better with all the areas that I want to cover.

So, apply nicely on your face, paying attention not to get too close to your eyes or lips. You can cover even your neck.

Green clay tightens the pores, tones the skin, exfoliates and reduces skin inflammation. It also has antibacterial properties. According to the tips given on the box, it boosts skin rejuvenation, promoting the creation of new skin cells.

After you have applied the clay at all areas of your face, it is time to relax and let the mask do its job. You can relax lying on the sofa, reading your favorite book or whatever makes you forget everyday stressful duties.

Just a word of warning for mums: while you are relaxing with you green clay face mask on, be sure that your small kids know what mummy is doing in case they come in and see your face all green 🙂

Your relaxation will be disrupted and your kids might want a green clay mask applied on their face, too so that you all play together and pretend to be green little monsters or something.

Back to our recipe now, after you apply the mask, it will soon start getting dry on your face. During this, you will get a feeling like your skin is getting stretched but this happens only because the mask dries up on your skin.

Let it dry completely. I normally leave it for around 15 minutes on my face but a friend of mine tells me that she leaves it even for two hours.

I am not really sure whether this makes a positive difference and I think that leaving it too long might dry your skin. Still, it is better to follow the instructions that come together with your clay and mine suggests leaving it on for 15 minutes.

A nice way to remove the dry mask is using an exfoliating cloth soaked into warm water. It will help you cleanse your skin more easily and provide you with better exfoliation. You can still rinse off your face whenever you feel like.

After rinsing your face off and patting it dry, you can enjoy applying a moisturizing natural oil like Sukin Rosehip Oil or putting on you favorite moisturizing cream. What a pleasure for you and your skin.

Clean face, revitalized skin and some peaceful moments of relaxation with the help of this French green clay mask recipe.

Where To Buy French Green Clay

You can find green clay at health shops or natural product shops but Amazon has also French green clay as well as other types of green clay at a very good price.

For example, Milliard 100% Pure and Natural French Green Clay is such a product that is reviewed very positively by users.

Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other elements, it does not contain any additives, fragrances or animal products.

That way, you can be sure that what you get is a pure natural product.


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