Football World Cup And Skin Care Benefits

It’s a common fact that men are more into watching football than women but women can really enjoy some skin care benefits when their men are totally absorbed into a football match and here I will give you a few.

First, women can prepare and apply homemade masks on their face like a French green clay mask which is one of my favorites and nobody will notice! Can you imagine it?

A man is watching football with eyes wide open and the woman appears with her face covered with a green mask and sits next to the man.

What you think will happen? Nothing much, I would answer. With a half supernatural look in his eyes the man will say : “ahh it’s you..” and will go on watching.

The result is that the woman will be able at last to enjoy both skin pampering and sitting next to her loved one without him jumping up because of her green looking face or even worse, telling her that he can’t recognize the one he has fallen for.

Another benefit is that women can go out with their friends without having to answer any questions like:” where are you going?” “with whom?” “will you be late?” and so on. She will get dressed and wear whatever she likes without any comments like:”isn’t this skirt too short?”

She can just open the door and leave without any further questions. So, she can have a relaxing or even a more party like night with her friends.

Relaxation or not, this will make her feel good and obviously whatever makes us feel good can have a positive effect to our skin’s appearance, too.

Also, women don’t need to worry whether there is anything at home for men to eat while the latter ones are watching their favorite game, because men watching football don’t actually think what they are eating. They just open the mouth and hoopla …food is in!

Pizza, burgers and other takeaways are very popular during the world cup and women don’t need to take care of men’s food. So, they can have more time to take care of their skin, relaxing and thinking that football is a really blessed sport for women.

I could mention a lot of other skin care benefits of football but I have to cook for my man and then make my green clay mask 😉