Face Cleansing Tips & Tricks For A Tricky Skin

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Face cleansing has always been a bit tricky for me since my teenage years because of my prone to some blemishes skin.

The truth is I have never had a real acne problem but my skin gets very easily those bumps, whiteheads if I don’t cleanse my face properly and deeply.

From time to time depending on my diet, sleeping habits and hormones appetite I can also get few pimples.

So, here I will give you a few simple face cleansing tips I have discovered in my years of facial cleansing.

First thing you need to know when you start cleansing is to know your exact type of skin so that you choose the right cleanser.

I f you have acne, AHA products can be useful to help you control the situation but of course the combination of different factors contributing to acne have to be also examined.

For example, the consumption of dairy products, sugar, white flour, processed foods and others can be triggering this condition. For more on this subject, you can have a look at our 19 easy to follow clear skin secrets.

A very important role to have a clear skin is the diet that you follow. Today, most of us don’t have the time or willingness to care more about it but keep in mind that not having a balanced diet can load your system with toxins which can appear on your complexion in the form of pimples and other blemishes.

For useful solutions you can read our detoxifying skin body tips.

Relating to cleansing now, you will need a good quality and effective skin care product which is suitable for your type of skin. I tend to go more for natural and organic cleansers which I have tested and they don’t irritate my skin or make it dry.

For example, Pai Camelia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is one of my favorites. It gives me an amazingly soft and free from blemishes complexion using quality organic ingredients.

Keep in mind that just applying the cleanser on your skin and massaging for few minutes with your fingers won’t be enough. You need a muslin cloth or a sponge which will remove dead skin cells effectively while also giving you a massage which can boost your collagen and make your face look fresher and younger.

For some people, muslin cloths feel a bit harsh and they prefer konjac sponges which are quite popular.

Either one you are using, be careful to cleanse them thoroughly after use and dry them properly.

The best is to dry them in the open air since a humid environment is the most suitable place for bacteria to grow.

So, in the case of using a sponge or cloth, you have to be extra careful with their hygiene because you can potentially make a condition worse.

Cleansing your sponges should become a habit just like the cleansing of your makeup brushes which if not regularly cleansed can also be responsible for some blemishes to appear. Hot water, cleansing liquid soap and proper drying will also be needed in this case.

A trick that I have lately discovered and has worked great for me while also saving me some time is first applying my cleanser which has a light antibacterial property and is also good for removing dead skin cells on my face and then massage my skin with a cotton pad like wanting to remove whatever makeup residues there are or even dirt.

Whenever I use the cotton pad for a minute or so at the end of a long day, I most of the times see a little grime appearing on it and that feels good because I actually see my skin getting rid of this dirt.

After that, my face feels gets cleaner and with minimum bumps. The cotton pad technique is a fast way I have invented to cleanse and of course it is more effective than just using my fingers and gel to cleanse my face.

Afterwards, I rinse off and apply my moisturizer. By using a cotton pad I don’t need to worry whether the sponge is clean enough, and it makes the whole process quicker and easier. For me, this trick has been working quite fine.

A deep cleansing mask like a wonderful Rhassoul Clay Mask or a scrub every time you see that your skin needs it, is also very important. For home ideas on this, you can read our homemade face and body scrubs as well as my mask recipe with French green clay.

Something else that cleanses my skin very well especially at night when I come back from work and I want a quick solution is jojoba oil. Again, I add a quantity of jojoba oil on a cotton pad and I start removing the thin layer of foundation I have.

After that, I most of the times leave my skin like that although sometimes I have to pressure myself to use a liquid cleanser, too and apply a moisturizer afterwards.

A trick I have recently used to avoid the liquid cleanser and freshen my skin after jojoba oil use is spray some thermal water on a cotton pad and rub softly my skin like wanting to remove any residues and you know what?

It does always remove something that jojoba oil hasn’t been able to cleanse. It also gives my complexion a cleaner feeling and myself the luxury of avoiding some tiring extra movements when coming home late after work 🙂

For a quality selection of jojoba Oils you can read our best jojoba oil review.

In conclusion, I think that we all have some tricks to cleanse and take care of our skin which we can either suddenly come up with or they just appear after some time of experiencing different things on our complexion.

What works more and what not is for you to decide as long as you are open in trying out new ideas.

Just keep in mind that over cleansing is not good for your skin since it can distract the normal oil production and make it produce more oil or even become more dry.

By unbalancing this natural process, your skin can react giving you even more breakouts.