Are My Saturday’s Cravings Good For The Skin?

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These days everybody is talking about super foods or best foods for skin. Usually, the weirder the name of a super food is, the more attracted we are to believe that this might be the wondrous food we were looking for to give us nice skin or other health benefits.

The truth is that those foods with the funny names can really be great but then not everything has to sound funny to be beneficial for our skin. There are so many common vegetables out there that their benefits are not common at all.

One of them is my favorite avocado. Fatty, you might say! Still, with all those good fats that nourish our skin and are valuable for its health and beauty, I would answer!

Did you know for example that avocado combines both vitamin C and E which are so important for healthy, resistant to aging skin? Vitamin C boosts the formation of collagen while vitamin E serves as an anti inflammatory and anti aging agent. From what I have read, avocado is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, carotenoids and zinc.

One perfect way to eat avocado is to prepare my favorite guacamole, a delicious mash of soft avocado with some added garlic and a bit of lime. Yummy! On Saturdays after work when there is usually no food waiting for me at home, I just prepare it quickly and have it with some toasted bread.

Of course, after benefiting my skin and body so much with eating avocado, I don’t find any reason why my skin would object to me having another super food as a dessert and that is..what else, chocolate of course 🙂 good excuse right? Dark chocolate is the one that has antioxidant benefits but it is not always the one I choose for my Saturday cravings.

So, now it is your turn! Do you have any beneficial for your skin foods that you love eating?