Dry Skin vs Dehydrated-Causes And Solutions!

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Dry skinSome common symptoms of dry skin and dehydrated skin such as roughness and a feeling of tightness may lead to the wrong conclusions as to whether our skin is dry or dehydrated especially at older ages.

So, is there a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? Dry skin and dehydrated skin can look the same but they are not the same.

On the one hand, dry skin is a type of skin that has special characteristics. For example, it is thin, it looks smooth but it feels rough when you touch it, it can be itchy and even flaky, scaly and red.

The fine lines and wrinkles are more visible in dry skin and in more severe cases, it may have cracks that can bleed.

On the other hand, dehydrated skin is not a type of skin but a skin condition that can be temporary if you take the right steps to deal with it.

So, let’s see now the causes of dry skin and dehydrated skin as well as some good proven ingredients to deal with them.

Dehydrated Skin


The main cause of dehydrated skin is the lack of adequate hydration. From time to time, this can happen to all types of skin including oily. Dehydration is caused by a disorder in the protective layer of the skin which can be due to environmental factors or skin alterations.

When the bonds of the skin cells under the top payer get messed up, then the structure of the cells changes, becomes loose and the water reserves of the skin just evaporate. This leads to skin dullness and unhealthy looks, a feeling of tightness and even the appearance of fine lines.

External factors of dehydrated skin include extreme environmental conditions such as cold and dry weather, over exposure to the sun, indoor low levels of humidity, smoking, over consumption of caffeine, low consumption of water and poor diet.

Good skin care ingredients for dehydrated skin

What dehydrated skin really needs is everyday hydration and restoration of the skin’s protective barrier.

Good skincare ingredients for this purpose are Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, vitamin E oil, Squalene oil and hyaluronic acid.

Natural oils that are good for dehydrated skin are Rosehip Oil, Avocado oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil and Castor oil as well as some other less well known but effective enough natural oils such as Tamanu oil, Marula oil as well as Maracuja oil.

If you are not used to applying natural oils during the day because you are wearing makeup or because not all natural oils absorb equally well in the skin, you can use them at night after cleansing and before putting on your moisturizer. That way and apart from the rest of their benefits, they can also retain your skin’s moisture.

You don’t need to use a lot of these natural oils, just a few drops for the whole of your face are enough and you can see the difference the next day by yourself and compare how your skin feels and looks by using a natural oil, a serum and a moisturizer or using just a serum or a moisturizer on their own.

Dry Skin


The causes of dry skin can be internal or external. For example, the reduced production of sebum and lipids that lead to dryness might be due to the genes that each of us is carrying or it can be due to biological aging.

Menopause can also lead to dry skin and for more information, you can read our post in menopausal skin changes and solutions.

In addition, some medications that are given in cases of dermatological problems such as acne can also cause extreme skin dryness. And of course a bad and inadequate diet can surely deteriorate dry skin.

External causes of dry skin include the use of harsh chemical laden cleansers, often washing of the skin, lack of proper skin moisturizing, use of unsuitable for your skin type products, extreme weather conditions either hot or cold, stress, lack of sleep, over consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Good skin care ingredients for dry skin

There are different ingredients that are good for dry skin including ceramides, which replenish the loss of lipids, shea butter, aloe vera, AHA acids, vitamin E oil as well as other nutritional oils such as rosehip oil, almond oil and marula oil.

Honey is also a good ingredient for dry skin since it is a humectant, meaning it attracts and retains water in your skin. Honey and especially manuka honey can have important benefits for dry skin.

There are different skin care products containing the above ingredients such as serums, cleansers, oils, creams and moisturizers, and it is up to you to select what suits your skin needs and personal habits more.

In conclusion, it is important to know the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin in order to find effective solutions. That doesn’t mean that what works for dry skin will be unsuitable for dehydrated skin and vice versa.