Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint Reviews

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Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint

Mineral sunscreens are considered to be safer for use compared to chemical sunscreens, but then, it is not always easy to find a mineral sunscreen that won’t leave white residue on the skin, will not clog pores and will protect your skin adequately both from UVA and UVB rays without causing any breakouts.

When looking for an effective mineral sunscreen, Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint has fairly gained a reputation of one of the top mineral sunscreens available in the market today, and in this review, I will provide you with all the pros and cons of this product.

Sunscreen Ingredients

This broad spectrum SPF 30 product contains 3.2% of Titanium Dioxide and 1.8% of Zinc Oxide which are physical sunscreens. As a natural BB cream, it contains a number of other ingredients apart from the sunscreens that provide the skin with additional skin care benefits.

For example, it contains Rosehip Oil, an ingredient that has Vitamin C, and fights free radicals that are responsible for skin aging. Primrose Oil and Flax Seed Oil are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which improve the skin’s elasticity and help it retain moisture while Shea Butter has smoothing and hydrating properties.

Plankton extract is also an ingredient that promotes the restoration of moisture and rejuvenates the skin while cucumber extract provides a soothing relief. All these natural ingredients better protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun including its skin aging effects.

Company Claims

Coola Mineral Sunscreen is a lightly tinted and unscented product that gives a matte finish and is water resistant. This is a Vegan and gluten free sunscreen which fights the signs of aging caused by the Sun and is free of nano-particles.

It is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and Oxybenzone. It is cruelty free and designed for all skin types, including sensitive and very oily types of skin.

The SPF protection you get comes immediately after application but you have to re-apply after two hours sitting in the sun or immediately after swimming, sweating or towel drying.

What do the User Reviews Say?


Coola Sunscreen has a light mousse like silky texture and gets applied smoothly onto the face, soaking into the skin and leaving it smooth. A great advantage is that it does not leave any white residue like a lot of other mineral sunscreens and gives a matte effect that prevents your face from looking oily or shiny.

It provides effective UVA and UVB sun protection and it does not clog the skin pores or cause breakouts like common sunscreens commonly do. In addition, it is suitable both for dry and oily types of skin but for sensitive skin types as well.

A little of this product covers a large area and although it gives a very light coverage or according to some users no coverage at all, it does not highlight pores and fine lines. Actually, there were few users who have felt that it minimized their pores. It also easily blends using just your fingertips.

It does not irritate people’s skin and can be used as a primer or a lightweight BB cream. If you want a better coverage, you can easily apply a foundation over it although people have reviewed that it makes their skin look so good that they use less foundation whenever they like to do more makeup.

In addition, users like that this sunscreen is free of preservatives, non-greasy and free of fragrance as well as that it contains antioxidant ingredients to protect against Sun aging.

People mention that it feels like they are wearing nothing on their face, which makes it a great city mineral sunscreen as well. It is also suitable for men and a lot of men actually use this natural sunscreen.


During the first few weeks of use, you need to shake the tube well before opening it, otherwise you may get something like runny water coming out of it.

Also, for people that want a heavy coverage, this product may not be appropriate since it gives a very light coverage which for some people looks like no coverage at all.

For dry types of skin and probably other types of skin, it is better to put on a moisturizer before applying this sunscreen although the sunscreen itself does not dry out the skin.

Finally, there have been few people commenting about the product being a bit on the pricey side, but these users were more than willing to forget about this con due to the product’s many pros.


Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint

For people who have difficulty finding a good mineral sunscreen because they have an acne prone or oily skin and want a product that offers a matte finish without leaving any white residue on the face while at the same time adequately protecting their face from the damaging effects of the Sun including aging, Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint is a great option to go for.

Nevertheless, this product is also a top choice for all types of skin.